Zigeuner – Gipsy Marriage and Ecclesiastic Cards

ZIGEUNER marriage
The Marriage card is often read as commitment or union of people either romantically or in business situations. The religious figure officiating the marriage has his back turned on you. Don’t expect much support from him. He is performing a role/job. The couple is not reaching out to the figure because they are in times of need as in troubles. They just want him to marry them so it is legal in the eyes of the church.

The Marriage card is more of a practical energy.

The Ecclesiastic card denotes a religious figure (priest) which is similar to the figure in the Marriage card. The figure in this card is not performing a specific role (job) as there are no other individuals shown in the image. This card is more of a concept. It’s the idea of reaching outside of yourself (faith) and asking for help in some matter. Many people reach out to their religious leaders in times of troubles depending on their belief system.


The Ecclesiastic is more of a figurative/symbolic energy.