Overview of ForTheSeekers Lenormand + 3 card Reading.

It’s hard to believe we are in mid August already. Today I am featuring the ForTheSeekers Lenormand by Jennifer Kast. This project was originally on Kickstarter earlier this year and funding was unsuccessful at that time. Jennifer continued to work hard on this deck and is now offering it at her Etsy shop.  If you click ➡  LINK you will be able to see the entire deck as well as her other cartomancy/fortune telling related items. Jennifer does ship to USA and Canada. To the international readers of my blog do send her an email if you are interested in some of her decks and I’m sure she will try to accommodate you.

ForTheSeekers Lenormand by Jennifer Kast.

ForTheSeekers Lenormand by Jennifer Kast

The Lenormand pouch featured in the image was designed and hand crocheted by me. It is available at my Etsy shop ➡ LINK. as well as a few other unique card bags.

Etsy.com is free to join. Many people sign up just to buy the myriad of items offered on this wonderful site.

The ForTheSeekers Lenormand has very soft imagery which can trigger flow of intuitive insights. All the playing card insets are have black backgrounds and white suit glyphs which as a bit of mystery to them. That is a perfect touch since there is no real consensus for card/suit meanings. The deck is very easy to shuffle and measures 5 1/2 cm x 8 3/4 cm (2.2 x 3.5 inches). I can’t find my ruler but I have a metric measuring tape (I am so not metric, lol) so the above is approximate.  Included in the very creative box is the 36 page spiral LWB with brief meanings, history & layouts. The box has ample room in it so you don’t have to struggle getting the cards and LWB back into it. 

Thank you Jen for the mention of the ASK my CARDS website as a useful link.

Plus, there is the Black Sheep card (seen in image below). This card is an “outcast”. You may or may not include it in your shuffle but it would be fun to experiment with it.

ForTheSeekers LWB. The Black Sheep.
Go figure, lol, I shuffled the deck and selected 3 cards randomly just to offer a very quick interpretation. No, I am not turning the Clouds card upright (last card) and will read it as it came up —reversed.

Bouquet. Path. Clouds reversed.

Bouquet. Path. Clouds reversed

Interestingly, the cards are reflecting something which is on my mind right now. I didn’t really ask a specific question it was more like, “what’s coming up”? That is a very general train of thought.

Notice the 3 court cards. Queen ♠ Queen King ♣  (this looks like a partnership or some sort of agreement with a male and two females.) The middle card show two paths (22. PATH). It involved a decision in some matter and it could be anything right now and it could be everything ;). The first card (9. BOUQUET) can represent an invitation or some generous act of kindness.

The final card (6. CLOUDS – reversed) would have indicated that one of these decisions would lead to more confusion or an unclear direction. With the card being reversed there will be a lessening influence of the meaning of the upright card. All clouds pass eventually. Sometimes your ideas/situations get rained on. Other times you get lucky and escape potential downpours of confusion. The Clouds card is all about lack of total understanding involving a person or situation. The cat in the image is looking up at the clouds in the upright position. It seems the lighter side of the clouds face to the right the direction the cat is looking at. 

In the reversed image the cat is looking back at the path card hinting that the path on the right side of the card is the way to go. I see this as moving forward and looking ahead in some decision. I also see removal of doubts when the card is reversed especially if you re-visit your options before deciding on a direction.

Note: I read reversals in “special cases” which is not mainstream Lenormand cartomancy. 

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