Kurmay Tarot from Istanbul

Recently, I was gifted with the Kurmay Tarot deck which was picked up for me on a very rainy day in Istanbul. I’ve never seen such a unique deck of cards. I really like the fact that they are created in shades of black, gold and light beige (almost pale yellow).

Kupa dokuzllusu =  9 of cups

Kupa dokuzllusu = 9 of cups

The 3″ x almost 5 1/2″ cards are plastic coated with borderless pencil sketched scenes. The shiny gold colour adds a real nice artist dimension to the images. The 179 page little red booklet is written in Turkish language. The cards are identified by their name in Turkish which is no hindrance at all especially if you know your Tarot cards. The Tarot cards are a Universal language.

The deck comes in a gorgeous 4″ x 6 1/2″ wooden box. If you do plan on purchasing this deck be very careful when you separate the cards as some of them stick together. Gently pull them apart or some of the coating may peel off on the rounded corners.  The card do not come in any particular order so it is best to count them and place them in order starting with the 22 Major Arcana. Then, continue with the suits.



Rainbow Herkimer

Rainbow Herkimer

I have cleared this deck with my rainbow herkimer pendulum and then proceeded to shuffle the deck with the objective of doing a simple 3 card layout. I was very fortunate to find this large herkimer and didn’t mind paying a hefty price for it. The Answer layout is easy to do. The image below is the layout I created and use with many varieties of divination decks.

3 card Answer layout

These cards are fairly large so you will have to figure out a way to shuffle them comfortably. They are even a huge stretch for my long fingers. I may fan them on the table and shuffle that way or riffle the deck if I can which no doubt is a controversial topic. If you have dainty – medium sized hands I would suggest that you divide the cards into many piles and then assemble the piles according to your intuition. You could also shuffle slowly sideways with the narrow side in your palm instead of the longer side. Simply shuffle them however you shuffle other larger decks.   🙂

I am not going to ask a question even though card #3 is identified as the Answer. I want the cards to tell me whatever I need to know at this time. The card which falls in the Answer spot will give me an indication of what is on next on my path. As many of you know, the cards do provide specific guidance even if you think you are not asking a question.     😉  

Those of you who read my blog on a regular basis probably know what’s on my mind.  

This is how I phrased my request: What do I need to know about the next 3 months?

In the image below you will notice a card beside the Answer spot which has not been turned over. I did this in case I wanted additional information. The cards drawn are Azize (High Priestess), Para Asi (Ace of Pentacles) and Para Krali (King of Pentacles). The clarifying card is Para Sovalyesi (Knight of Pentacles).

High Priestess, Ace of Pentacles, King of Pentacles

High Priestess, Ace of Pentacles, King of Pentacles

I did shuffle the cards thoroughly and they were not in order when I first opened them (shrink wrapped with an elastic around them). So, I guess these are my guidance cards.

In the (recent) Past, the High Priestess is reigning. In the image she is holding a book close to her. More knowledge needs to be revealed to me. There are things I didn’t know in regards to circumstances I just went through.  The (current) Now card Ace of Pentacles is about values and what you value. Often, it indicates the beginning of a financial venture or birth of a money generating idea. This card is a new chapter and a new focus in direction. The Answer card King of Pentacles tells me an important man will be prominent over the next three months or so, give or take. Could this King represent me? Often we experience various court cards at different stages of our life. The king in the image is totally focused on the pentacle in his left hand. Kings are masters of their suit. Right now I cannot relate to all the pentacles but I can identify with the High Priestess.  

Clarifying Card: Para Sovalyesi = Knight of Pentacles

King of Pentacles crossed by Knight of Pentacles

King of Pentacles crossed by Knight of Pentacles

Guidance: The energy of the clarifying card is slow and steady. There are no shortcuts. Stay on the path, hold your head up high and hold what you value the most ahead of you. The horse knows the way and it needs to stop once in a while to rest. The feeling I get from this card is that there will be no great advancements. The path ahead is one “trot” at a time.   🙂

One thought on “Kurmay Tarot from Istanbul

  1. HI! Great set of cards. Very nice. I also see the Pentacles as health cards or doing what we can with what we have; as well as making sure we have the time, money, energy, desire for it, etc. Here it looks as if the HP’s finger is pointing to the Ace of P. Time to move from the HP energy to the pentacle energy. There is likely a new venture or even a new health option/attitude available and the King could be someone who will be knowledgeable/helpful/advisor. But with the knight showing up, I also see this as time to move on, don’t just sit there like the king, but use the knight’s movement to create something new and good for yourself…..long term goals, visions for yourself, your health or what is around you, etc. The way the knight is placed over the king, it looks as if he is offering this new option to the king who doesn’t look too interested….so may take awhile like you said….but I still see it as something new to consider or do for balance or to let go of what is not working or on your agenda anymore. Now off to pull some weeds in my garden!!!! Have a great day. BB

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