Asking Gipsy cards about lost pet. Constancy + Enemy + Widow (+update)

Before I continue with part 2 of the last post I wanted to ask the Gipsy cards about a lost pet. At the end of this post is an update on this Reading.

The pet owner “R” is very upset. Lately a lot of pets have taken off for a day or two bringing additional worries to their loving owners. I used to own a cat and she used to sit with me while I provided Readings. Sometimes the strangest things happened like my cat showing signs of fear and other times meowing endlessly throughout the Reading. One time my cat jumped into the person’s lap, lol. Another time the cat hid under my chair. I learned to read my cat’s behaviour while a Reading was in process and believe it or not my cat told me things with her behaviour about the seeker of the cards.   🙂

I did a simple three card draw reading left to right.  You could take the center card as the focus and then read the left card continued with the right card.  

constancy, enemy, widow

The CONSTANCY card shows the situation of the lost pet will not change any time soon.  The ENEMY card is never a welcome card. Maybe in this case it means the pet is hiding from it’s owner in an area which not visited much. The fact the individual in the card holds a dagger or some kind of weapon tells me the pet might be in some danger. Maybe it is stuck in something or an opening.

If R’s cat was stolen you would think the THIEF card would have appeared. The ending card WIDOW suggests some emotional upset to the owner indicating some sort of loss. I sure hope not. On the other hand, it could be a lonely female in the neighbourhood is playing with it and the WIDOW card represents her. Of course, if there is a cemetery near the owner’s place of residence it wouldn’t hurt to look there.

I don’t suppose these cards were used much to locate missing pets back in the day when they were created. There were many other things going on in people’s lives.

Pets are an important part of one’s life. They bring comfort, listen to your problems and do not ask for much. I knew a man who wept openly when his cat died and yet, when his own father passed on he did not shed a tear (publicly that is).

 I hope the cat finds its way back home soon and safely.

July 20, 2014 UPDATE:

Luckily, the pet returned home on its own. According to what the owner mentioned it looked a little rustled as if it was rolling around in a field. Burrs on its fur would indicate as such.

I think it is very important to know this real life outcome and re-study the Gipsy card. Before I quote my own words I want to reassure those members of the FB group on this deck that I would not quote any content within that group without the permission of the person who made the comment.

“I am happy the cat was found as well. Good point *. It’s always a good idea to study cards after the fact to better understand them. The Reading did not look all that promising but the real life situation turned out favourable. Constancy suggested no changes and this could have meant the pet was not lost or held captive. The Enemy card does show the black cloaked character hiding so this might represent the cat hiding in areas which were difficult to locate initially. The Widow being the final card often indicating the answer to the question would have other clues which were overlooked in the original analysis. One way to look at this card is that the pet was the widow female leaving a situation (cemetery) on its own. The cat came home on its own. It’s a long shot, lol.”

I don’t have any other information on the pet at this time…..St Anthony has answered R’s prayers.

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