5 card Advice layout. Asking Gipsy cards a relationship question

You (a female) have met someone (a male) at a time in your life when you weren’t looking for any type of relationship. It was at a function or community event. You can’t help but wonder if anything further like a relationship will develop with this person. There is a sharing of interests which has brought back some excited feelings into your life. Neither one of you is freed up to pursue a relationship without jeopardizing what you have with someone else.

Sound familiar. I hear this story all the time. Sometimes it’s a male asking but for the most part it is a female.  How would you advise your client based on the 5 Gipsy cards in the image below. Each card falls into a designated spot in the layout.  (click image to enlarge). 

5 card ADVICE layout featuring Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten (Gipsy cards)

5 card ADVICE layout featuring Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten (Gipsy cards)

BASIS:  This card will reveal the energy around the question. The WIDOWER represents the man of interest. We can tell a lot about him. He is loyal, respectful and doesn’t let go easily. So if he is with another woman he is not likely to leave her that fast. We also know he is lonely. He is in need of companionship to make him feel whole as a man again.

WHAT YOU KNOW: The Significator card falling in this spot indicates you know who you are. You are comfortable in your own skin. The Widower is looking at you but you look away towards the Falseness card. You have some doubts and are not totally trusting this new situation and these thoughts going through your mind.

WHAT YOU ARE NOT SEEING: You are not seeing the total picture of this situation. You are seeing wrong. It is not pure. There are some undercurrents of mistrust either from your own previous experiences or because the card know something about this situation that you do not. So, tread carefully and don’t step on the snake.

ADVICE TO FOLLOW: So, what is the BABY card advising you? Take baby steps! Don’t dive into this situation it is too new and definitely needs more tending. Also, look after yourself and don’t let just anyone dote or pamper you who is apparently attached to someone else.

RESULT: Merriment suggest everything will work out fine for everyone concerned. It also means don’t be so serious about this situation. Keep things very light and if you can have a good time within the parameters of your other relationship then do so. Remember that it is ok to feel good when you share common interests. As far as this connection developing into a relationship as in romance, etc. it is unlikely.

What do you think the cards are saying?

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2 thoughts on “5 card Advice layout. Asking Gipsy cards a relationship question

  1. It was good to see how you used the first two cards to define the people involved, and gratifying to see that I would have interpreted the the next three in the same way.

  2. Hmmm. Could it be that the baby means that the woman should be looking elsewhere to start a new relationship that will end up making her happy? The baby usually signifies something new, rather than continuing with someone. With that falseness card showing up, you know he’s probably either checking out other options or not being honest to her on some level. The falseness card is always an unlucky card whenever it shows up for me.

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