Enchanted Lenormand Oracle: 5 Gentleman combinations

The provocative Enchanted Lenormand Oracle by Caitlin Matthews & Virginia Lee (© 2013) is one of those decks in which you can get lost in the magical forest of cartomancy. I haven’t written a review on this cards/book kit yet but I do use the cards often. 

Sometimes when we study the Significator cards we are curious about the person’s outlook, state of mind or general personality at the time of shuffle. Since I find myself writing more about the female Significator I decided to feature the male Significator/significant other the Gentleman.

I am going to write a bit about five different combinations focusing more on the character of the Gentleman card. My view may differ from yours and so it should but maybe you will find some useful information to consider.

enchanted lenormand bear and gentleman
BEAR & GENTLEMAN: I have always read the Bear card as powerful energy. Yes, it is a money card as well or an older man like a grandfather, etc. You may also know other keywords. This duo suggests the male getting the Reading has a very strong personality and could be a bit too “bearish”. It can also indicate a man of wealth. As the significant or special man he might be thinking more about money than you (female getting the Reading). He could also be rather intimidating and bossy.

enchanted lenormand birds and gentleman
BIRDS & GENTLEMAN: Does this guy like to talk? Of course he does and maybe he talks way too much and gets little done. He’d be a great communicator. Often he is connected to the media in some way. The Birds card does suggest anxiety and worry. So, this chap might be restless and high-strung. If the Gentleman card represents the significant/special other person the same applies. The male may also be an “energy worker”.

enchanted lenormand broom.whip and gentleman
BROOM/WHIP & GENTLEMAN: This man loves to get under your skin. Often he will banter purely for the adrenalin rush. If the Gentleman card represents you in the Reading you are always in the mood for an argument but at the same time you “clean up” after the chaos you cause.  As the significant other this male has a lot on his mind. He could be a troubleshooter in his line of work. On a bad day, this guy will beat himself up because he has high expectations of himself. 

enchanted lenormand scythe and gentleman
SCYTHE & GENTLEMAN: If you are a male and see this combination in your Reading you could be experiencing some pain, perhaps a headache, pulled muscle or dental issues among other things. You could also have endured a situation which has totally caught you off guard. It threw you off your game so to speak. As the significant other man this duo suggests the man does not have any bedside manners. He is abrupt and definitely does not sugar coat his words. The blunt side of the scythe points towards the man’s back indicating he is experiencing a lot of pressure. Something is definitely weighing him down.

enchanted lenormand clouds and gentleman
CLOUDS & GENTLEMAN: This combination gives you the impression this guy is one confused dude. There are a lot of reasons why this male (you or significant other) is not a clear headed.The big face of the cloud is looking right at him blowing him off his center. Luckily the man in the image faces to the right. This could suggest he will get over this “state” of mind/emotions sooner rather than later. This male should not make any important decisions for at least a few days after the shuffle.

A few examples of how you could read these combinations.   🙂

2 thoughts on “Enchanted Lenormand Oracle: 5 Gentleman combinations

  1. Very good this matter. The combination of paper 12 by 28 I was out with my new publisher. In fact, he talks too much and is a little nervous ahahahah. Dear hug and thank you!

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