Grand Tableau: counting 7’s featuring the Gipsy cards

The image below is a real life Reading for a 60-year-old male J who has some serious concerns about his father’s health.

I plan to do several different techniques with this 6 x 6 GT.  I do want to demonstrate the counting by 7’s method which is usually done to get an overview of the Reading. Click the image to enlarge.  The Lover Significator card represents J. The counting 7’s begins with his card. He is counted as one. I have placed the #7 on all the 7th cards. The way I do this technique is when I get to the 7th card I count it as one for the next series of 7 cards. I’ve always counted this way ever since I had a card sitting back in 1970 with one spooky relative 😉 in my home land of Slovenia. I may have mentioned this before but I had to sneak out to get a Reading or my parents would have had a fit even though this woman was a relative on my mom’s side.

If I were doing this reading in a private session I would place coins or small semi-precious stones on every 7th card. Then I would study the string of 7 cards to get a feel of what the cards are revealing. Only then would I start the overview.

GT House Reading. Gipsy Cards. Counting 7's.

GT House Reading. Gipsy Cards. Counting 7’s.

This is a good exercise for you to do. You learn how to tell a story with the cards. This little technique can sharpen your interpretative skills. Why dive into a full GT right away. The Gipsy cards are fortune-telling cards. In my view, I don’t think there are any great secrets about this deck.

I want to point out the Sweetheart Significator, Lover Significator and the Love card all touch. Take a look at all the red hearts. The Love card has 2 hearts in the top left corner and 2 hearts in the bottom right corner. The Sweetheart and Lover both have 1 heart in the top left hand corner. This tells me there is definitely a strong loving bond between my male friend and the his lady friend (partner) mainly because of the Love card. That wasn’t really part of the counting 7’s process but who says you have to be so rigid in techniques that other observations aren’t just as important.

Ok we will begin this little tutorial starting with the LOVER (USD quarter). The Sweetheart has a CDN quarter. 🙂 There are actually only 5 cards to interpret plus the Lover.

  1. LOVER to SADNESS: It is clear that male J is experiencing some tough emotions right now. He could be feeling quite down about the fact his father is ill.
  2. SADNESS to MALADY: The cards go so far as to confirm the reason male J is saddened at the current time is due to an illness.
  3. MALADY to JOURNEY: This part is a bit tricky. Male J is travel so he could visit with his dad. But this could be another trip on the agenda.
  4. JOURNEY to OFFICER: The trip/travel has to do with some official matters. Male J may need to take care of some business.
  5. OFFICER to ANGER: Male J will not be very happy with what he has to do. He will be angered as the card suggests. Part of the anger could be linked to the business at hand but part of it could be linked at events in the near future which can be seen by the other cards in the GT which fall beneath and to the right of his Significator card.
  6. ANGER to LOVER: Here we have a not so happy Male J.

See, that wasn’t so complicated. 

At this point, I would read the GT beginning with the Lover card. Many cartomancer see the past as behind the Significator card. This is not always a clear method because sometimes the Significators look in the same direction. At times I read the past (if I need to read the past to establish a link to current situations) as being to the left and the future to the right of the Significator.  Please note this is only one the way to read the Significators. I don’t put too much energy into past cards because I usually am given a little background before the Reading begins. Most clients want to now the present and future in man made terms.

Of course, the Houses reading would offer some additional information as well.  

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