GT 6X6, 9X4, 8X4+4 – Differences? Similarities?

If you are doing GT Houses Reading (with no other techniques) the three different GT layouts in the images will give you identical summaries of your findings.

However, if you are reading the vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines from the Significator card there will be a variance in the overview. Obviously, some cards will fall in different spots and combine with other cards. Several other techniques such as near & far, knighting, mirroring, etc. will produce dissimilar results as well.

The overview from each of the three GT’s should be recorded and after a certain amount of feedback time studied for similarities.  The only way to judge GT accuracies is to critique the Readings in about 3-6 months and on rare occasion years. If you read the GT without little focus on past or distant future and mainly as what’s going on now then the Reading can be assessed much earlier.

The 6 x 6 GT layout is not really mainstream for now-a-days Lenormand Cartomancers. The 9 x 4 GT and 8 x 4 + 4 are the most common ones. The downsized layouts are good as well. A lot of times, I do a 18 card GT (n/a to Houses)

There are some differences in these three GT layouts by only using the cards from the vertical line from the female Significator card, the Lady. Often various card combinations reveal the same issue. Sorry fellas next time it will be the Gentleman card. 🙂  I read the cards above the Significator as a situation which sits on the female’s shoulders or in other words the cards describe a “pressing” situation. This situation could be about something which just happened in the not too distant future. Often cards describe the consultant’s current personality. You may read these cards differently. Cartomancer’s Prerogative. I have highlighted the vertical and horizontal cards. Click the image to enlarge.

The 6 x 6 GT layout.

6 x 6 GT layout

6 x 6 GT layout

  • 6×6. LADY vertical line:  WHIP+CHILD+FISH+BIRDS with RIDER below the Lady card. The female could be dealing with a problem child (whip+child). Whip J + Child J♠ can actually represent 2 brothers or sons. She could be worried (birds) about money (fish) because there is an inadequate amount available (child+fish) at the current time. There is some promising news coming (Rider flanked by diagonal Sun card).
  • Horizontal line from Lady card ends with Dog – friend played important role in the future months.

8 x 4 + 4 GT layout

8 x 4 + 4 GT layout

  • 6×6. LADY vertical line:  WHIP+CHILD+FISH+BIRDS with RIDER below the Lady card
  • 8×4+4. LADY vertical line:  WHIP+BEAR+ANCHOR.  The first two cards can reveal money problems if you use Bear to represent money. In this layout, the Anchor can describe the female as a more solid personality. On the other hand she could be thinking about issues with an older man from her job.
  • Horizontal line from Lady card ends with Sun- a happy & successful atmosphere in the future months.

9 x 4 GT layout

9 x 4 GT layout

  • 6×6. LADY vertical line:  WHIP+CHILD+FISH+BIRDS with RIDER below the Lady card
  • 8×4+4. LADY vertical line:  WHIP+BEAR+ANCHOR.
  • 9×4. LADY vertical line:  CHILD+COFFIN with LETTER below the Lady card. The Coffin can reveal a situation which has ended. Since it follows the Child card it might be better the situation finally did end as the Child card represents immaturity in a lot of ways. Also, the female could be experiencing a boxed in (Coffin) state of mind. The Child Jack ♠ can actually be a situation around one of her children. She will be receiving some news (Letter) very shortly from a relative in the family (flanked by Lily).
  • Horizontal line from Lady card ends with Clover- waves of luck comes and goes in future months.

The above very brief interpretation do not include an image reading (directions) which I would do as part of the Reading. I think it is of some significance to consider who is facing what and what is facing who and so on. Like I said in the introductory paragraphs I cannot say with any great certainty which layout produces the most accurate results. Each GT layout will offer something a little different but all in all, the forecast should have common threads throughout it.

Which GT would I recommend? For a newcomer to the GT layout I would recommend a smaller version of the GT. Why? You are still learning the meanings and techniques. Why boggle your brain with umpteen cards right away. I think the 6 x 6 is best for the GT Houses Reading. Why? The layout is cosmetically pleasing in other words it is easier on the eyes.  🙂  Try all three layouts and decide for yourself which you like the best.  

Please try to remember if you have one question you sure don’t need a 36 card GT to answer it. 



2 thoughts on “GT 6X6, 9X4, 8X4+4 – Differences? Similarities?

  1. Thank you for a wonderful analysis of these three forms of a GT. While there’s no clear-cut winner in terms of the best layout, it’s fascinating to see the differences that each makes. You don’t mention that the whole issue of past-present-future (if left-center-right conventions are used) can change considerably depending on the layout.

    • Thank you for your comment and feedback Mary. I had a similar question from one of the readers of the post to which I did provide a lengthy “MagsP -comment answer”. The post was not intended to include the left/center/right technique because the focus of the post was GT House layouts. Of course there are changes when left/center/right technique is applied. Mastering and understanding one technique is plenty for the new learner. BTW thank you for the email referral – the playing cards tutorial handbook/course is third on the list. Jozefa

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