Lenormand Lady, Heart R, Gentleman

Let’s suppose you were doing a three card draw and by pure chance you selected Lady, Heart Reversed and Gentleman. You were fairly sure you placed all the cards in their upright position prior to shuffle. Would you turn the Heart card upright after you have already laid out the three cards? Most Lenormand cartomancers do not read reversals mainly for one reason. The reason is because they aren’t intended to be read reversed. There is historical evidence to support this reason and I would suggest visiting the Traditional Lenormand Fortunetellers Guild for further information. The objective of my post is to study the alternative meaning (reversed) of the Heart card which as most of you know, is not considered mainstream. If you would like to read my post that’s great. If you cannot digest reading the Lenormand Heart card in reversed position you may not want to read any further.

You may not agree with what I am about to write and that is cool.  Maybe you might be a little curious as to what I’m going to write which is cool as well. All of you who read my blog know that I do not make it a regular practice of reading with Lenormand reversals.  However, if I drop a card on the floor and it is obviously upside down/face up I will study the reversal. If a reversed card is mixed up in the deck for some reason I won’t turn it upright, if it is the next one to place in a layout.  I will explore possibilities of reversed meanings. 

Titania's Fortune Cards. Titania Hardie, 2000.

Titania’s Fortune Cards. Titania Hardie, 2000.

Most people when they see a heart upside down don’t get the same feeling about this emblem as if it was upright. This trio does make many people ponder if but for a few seconds on the “possible” indication of a down turned precious red heart which is a universal symbol for Love in the upright position.

Regula Elizabeth Fiechter states in her Mystical Lenormand handbook if the Heart card lies between 28 Gentleman and 29 Lady it means a deep and permanent love. 

Is this couple experiencing a deep and permanent love with the Heart card being reversed? I don’t totally get that feeling with these three cards.

What do you suppose the reversed heart indicates? The heart has no thorns, daggers, arrows or cracks which would add another dimension to the meaning. It’s a full red heart in a position you are not accustom to seeing, well, not in the Lenormand cards.

I still see love between this couple but the love bond is inverted. The upright energy of the card has experienced a shift. The couple is not maximizing the full potency of the Heart card. The worth of the card is minimized. Other cards would be factored in if this trio fell in the GT or other layouts with the hopes of discovering what exactly is going on with this couple.

If the upside down Heart card fell into the GT Heart house this would mean there is less value in its meaning. The powerful energy of the card is not 100% comfortable in its own domain (house). Something is really off in the love department.

24 The Heart

24 The Heart


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