Gypsy relationship Layout for LADY C.

Every once in a while I stumble on a video which I think would be of interest to you. This particular video is short and features “a gypsy relationship spread”. I would like to credit the voice behind the video but so far I only know him as Chris379000. If this is your video Chris please leave a link in the comments section if you have a website or blog that you wish to share with other like minded people.  —->VIDEO LINK*

I usually do the Heart Layout which is a brief snapshot of a relationship with or without a question. The layout in the video is a little longer and would work with just about any deck of cards. I am featuring Titania’s Fortune cards. Creator Titania Hardie © 2000. 

The Gypsy Relationship Spread from Chris379000 video in above link*.

Click on the Image for a Larger view.



LADY C is the female seeker of the cards (left side). GENTLEMAN J is on the right side. Lady C is wondering about the future development of this relationship. 

Card 1 is at the very top. SNAKE. This position reveals what’ going on between these two people at the current time. The Snake card brings intrigue and a certain amount of “games” between the couple. Games which people play when they are dating. Most of the time honesty is an issue. Is he married? Is he faithful? Is she seeing someone else? Why won’t he call? How does he feel about me? Is she cheating? Most of the questions are rooted in fear and insecurity.

I would caution Lady C at the current time. All is not as it seems just a bit of the Snake card’s energy I would advise her go slow and be patient. There is a good chance another influence “might” be involved. Who doesn’t have “another influence” to contend with. We all have a past. Often, someone is left hanging on who is quite innocent or has serious intentions about the potential of the relationship developing. It is not very honest but it’s not evil or anything.

The SNAKE card is also about a physical s*e*x*u*a*l attraction as well. Of course, we entertain the thought of what it would be like in the sack with someone. It’s a natural curiosity. Usually this is all as part of the process in dating. In this case, there is definitely an attraction.

Card 2 and Card 3: Her and His thoughts and plans about the relationship.

Card 2: WHIP: She is experiencing some tough emotions right now and is being confrontational. She might even be experiencing headaches. Lady C wants to discuss the future of this relationship and is experiencing anxiety because of it.

Card 3: SCYTHE: He is being cool and reserved. Basically, this card shows he is cut off from his emotions and isn’t applying very much energy thinking about further plans. Gentleman J doesn’t want to deal with this relationship in the same way as Lady C. His actions appear very abrupt to Lady C leaving her with no explanations at all.

Card 4 and Card 5: Her and His hopes for the relationship.

Card 4: RING: Lady C would like a commitment. At the very least she wants to know where she stands in his life.

Card 5: FOX: Gentleman J “might” be thinking this relationship is all wrong. He could be seeing it as more work than he’d care to deal with.  The Fox card can be read as working at something as well if you use “work” as one of it’s meanings.

Card 6 and Card 7. What Lady C and Gentleman are offering to this relationship.

Card 6: MOUNTAIN: She seems to be making a mountain out of a molehill. Many things about this relationship appears to be met with obstacles and challenges.

Card 7: BOUQUET: He seems to be nice enough. Gentleman J appears to be fond of Lady C.

Card 8: Lady C’s true feelings.

Card 8: BEAR: Her feelings are very powerful. Lady C “might” be overwhelmed with her feeling. The energy of the Bear card shows she is quite capable of bold and more forward feelings and isn’t shy about showing them.

Card 9: Gentleman J’s true feelings.

Card 9: STAR: His feelings are in the process of exploration. Gentleman J’s feelings are on another level. A lot of his attention is for other things he wants and wishes for.

Card 10: What Lady C wants from this relationship.

Card 10: SHIP: She definitely longs for this relationship. Lady C wants movement. She wants it to move ahead.

Card 11: What Gentleman J wants from this relationship.

Card 11: CLOUDS: He doesn’t know what he wants. Gentleman J is not as clear as Lady C. He has mixed feelings and is unable to put things into perspective.

and last but not least Card 12: The future – where is relationship going?

Card 12: CHILD: Not a bad card at all. The Child card shows that more tending is needed to cultivate this relationship. There is a carefree energy within the Child card. I think there is hope for this relationship to continue but it needs to remain more playful if it has any chance at all. There is the potential of still more relationship growth still ahead. Lots more to discover.

The above is an interpretation based on the identification of the positions in the layout only.

6 thoughts on “Gypsy relationship Layout for LADY C.

  1. Hi madame again 🙂

    Thanks for sharing madame.

    I see the child as a new beginning, like one of them will meet someone new, and this is why the relationship will pass to another level, but maybe i’m wrong.

    I don’t see a relationship between them.


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