Card of the Day. Pages of Shustah – Green 8. The Journey. Follow Up.

Day 7

THE JOURNEY card materialized as suggested in the previous post. The trip as insignificant as it was ended up being to another distant location in the large hospital.  The treatment went ahead as scheduled.

I think the progress indicated by this green card could be that we received more information on the actual condition of my father.  I have heard so many conflicting opinions that I am starting to become disillusioned with the team of doctors thus far.  Sure medicine is not an exact science and there are a myriad of symptoms which could point to this or that.  The problem is medical treatments are geared towards specific types of conditions and if a patient receives the wrong treatment it could be detrimental creating all kinds of issues.  The other side of that is the treatment is ineffective and the patient sustains side effects for nothing.

I want to read THE JOURNEY as a positive card and am keeping an open mind to this latest information. I know that no matter how things appear this does not mean that my father’s condition is set in stone. In the background of the card is an opening at the end of the road.  It is evident that the road/journey can be travelled. No doubt there will be ups and downs to come in the days ahead much like the ebb and flow of the tides.


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