Card of the Day. Pages of Shustah – Green 8. The Journey.

I will be using the Pages of Shustah deck to select the guidance card for tomorrow.

FYI: For purely therapeutic reasons and the trust I have in the cards I decided to blog about my journey beginning March 2 which is Day 1.  (Dad was in hospital 23 days prior to Day 1.) Most days I will draw a card the night before unless I am emotionally/physically tired from the current day’s events.

Monday March 8- Day 7

A treatment is planned for Monday (tomorrow).  After reviewing THE JOURNEY card there is a strong suggestion this treatment is a go.  This card can represent a physical trip but most importantly it indicates a shift in consciousness. Perhaps the relief which came today of a natural healing of one aspect of this entire condition will give my father some renewed strength and optimism.

This card suggests progress.  In this case, I view progress as taking action to a certain degree in offering treatments and not just talking about it.  I pray for my dad to have strength through this very challenging (physical & emotional) time.

The Journey

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