Card of the Day. Pages of Shustah. Red 3-Separating Fence.

Separating Fence

March 9 – Day 8

Tomorrow’s guidance card from the Pages of Shustah deck is Red 3 – The SEPARATING FENCE.  I am quoting the detailed analysis of this card I wrote back on June 11, 2008.  It really makes sense now.    🙂

Interpretation & Suggestions – as it’s title suggests, a separation, being apart, phenomenal barrier, dream state, a break up, severing of ties. There is an emotional and/or physical distancing going on. You could be getting ahead of yourself or getting in your own way. Two people part ways. A situation is extracted from your life on a permanent basis. A card of self empowerment when facing adverse conditions.

It is time to pull away from a person that is creating disturbances or havoc in your life. Stop being the “patsy”, a term used to describe a person in an abusive relationship. You do have the intellectual strength to reallocate your emotional ties.

Sometimes this card suggests making contact with loved ones who have passed on. In this case, the fence is the division between the two worlds. More often than not, there is a far bit of miles between you and someone else that comes from a change of residence.

I do want to add that perhaps my father won’t feel much like conversing because sometimes he is too tired or feeling too sick to participate in chitchat.  Emotional distancing due to weariness is understandable.  The other thing is medicine can put you “into another world”.


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