XX Judgement + King of Wands

Recently I was asked about a work situation.  It seems more and more people are concerned about the stability of their employment.  This uncertainty prevents many major decisions involving the purchase of homes, vehicles or even the planning of  extensive holidays.

A question was posed to me by a female wanting to know if her job was in jeopardy in any  way over the next few months.  I threw the cards in the traditional Celtic cross on her behalf to see if I could offer any guidance.  The majority of the cards did not indicate any major upheavals.  In fact, the very last card in the #10 spot (outcome/result) was the King of Wands.  Usually when a Court card appears as the last card in this layout it suggests the involvement of that person.  Often Tarot readers take the last card and re-do the Celtic cross to gain more information on how this person (court card) would affect the future in relation to the question.

The KING of WANDS is known as the businessman.  I see this card as being very positive and powerful.  I suggested to the female that a male would be instrumental in a short time.  As it turned out, the very next day she was called into a meeting by her supervisor (male).

This is fine and dandy.  But I also see the KING of WANDS (image removed)as a potential aspect of the female’s personality.  She can adopt the attitude of this King by tapping into the mastery of this suit.  She could become more assertive in pursuing her goals associated with her job.

I was immediately drawn to another card after I meditated on the KING of WANDS for a bit.  I noticed only 1 Major Arcana in the entire layout and it was XX JUDGEMENT (image removed).  This major fell in spot #8 (typically the thoughts of Others spot).  In this case, it would be her employer.

Here is a partial quote taken from my e-mail to this female.


There was nothing overly negative in the cards.  The last card was a King so maybe there’s another talk coming up.  (this prediction happened the next day, you know, one of those talks you dread about job performance)

The only card that bothers me is Judgement falling in the others spot (your employer). This could mean you will be judged harshly.  It could be a possible discussion to address what needs to be corrected. No matter what is said, don’t lose sight of your worth with that company. (yes, there was a discussion and yes, she was given a serious warning about not meeting her sales quota thus far)

I have seen this card to mean a reward as well….it’s almost like a double edged sword. (what I meant by this statement was that in one instance she could be getting reamed out and in the follow up meeting she could be getting a pat on her back for meeting her sales quota at the end of this month)


In my last quoted sentence, I saw the seed of hope.  The seed of a possible reward for some hard work which could occur if this female adopted the fiery disposition of the final card the KING of WANDS.   This King is both the supervisor and also offers this female a hint at what type of “hat” she should be wearing over the next several months.

Even though this discussion poses a serious threat of job security I could not find any cards to tell me she would lose her job.  I think this female will overcome the challenge ahead of her.

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