in continuation of full board Lenormand (GT)


French Cartomancy Deck

French Cartomancy Deck

column 6 & 7


As I stated in the last post, the ANCHOR does represent some type of job security which could be at risk (MOUSE).

Actually, if the person doing the reading was a male, the GENTLEMAN card would represent him and the reading would commence from this point reading cards to the left (past) and right (future).

In our example, the GENTLEMAN refers to male who is closely connected to the LADY and involved in the news of the RIDER. Yes it seems the theme is around some work. Often work is not a job per say but actual effort which is applied to a project, goal or situation.

This male is observing some possible losses (MOUSE) which can be revealed by a letter (LETTER) coming to someone’s home (HOUSE) affecting more than 1 person (GARDEN). Whatever this loss is it will not last long (CLOVER). However, as we see in the next column, the information could be hard to take (CROSS). I want to read the WHIP to indicate a restless or edgy mood within the household as well.

column 8 & 9


The last two columns seem to have troubling cards. No set time was chosen for this reading. You can do that even if it is a full board layout. Think about how many words there are in one paragraph. Usually a paragraph described one particular train of thought.

I get the feeling BOUQUET may be result for the GENTLEMAN but he will have much responsibility ahead of him. The fact that SCYTHE is beneath the MOUNTAIN (responsibility) card I want to read this to mean ‘cutting’ through difficulties.

Often FOX suggests a work situation as well over and above the sneaky adjectives we use with this card. 🙂 Coupled with the SCYTHE card and it being the last in the same row as the LADY I think she will become a real tough negotiator no matter what happens. She won’t mince words.

The RING is about cycles and it suggest contracts, plans which involve other people, renewals etc. The very last card hold much promise (KEY) despite the appearance of the SYTHE and MOUNTAIN cards in the last column of the future.

I am drawn to HOUSE and TREE for a second as I look at the layout and feel there is a health problem which will reoccur. As you know, when you really get into a reading and allow your own intuition to come through you will notice certain cards standing out. This means you should not discount your gut feeling.

An answer or outcome (KEY) awaits the LADY. The KEY does not have to be just 1 answer it can be many. It looks like other doors of opportunity will open and the LADY will branch out (TREE) into other situations which most likely were not familiar to her on the day of the reading.

Note: several things have already happened based on the feedback I received & it’s only been 9 days.

3 thoughts on “in continuation of full board Lenormand (GT)

  1. Hi Seaqueen

    Thanks for this example of reading a full board. I’ve seen many ways of doing that. Yours seem a more direct approach as mainly you are considering the rows and diagonals for more explanation. One doubt I have is: the cards under the querent’s card are the thoughts of the querent? I’ve seen the contrary, I mean, the cards above his/her head…

    It would be nice to have more examples 😉


  2. Oi Seaqueen, gostei quando falou do Anel como ciclos, e da Raposa – Fox como situação no trabalho. Vou olhar com mais atenção estas cartas no meu jogo agora.
    Obrigado pela dica!

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