Zigeuner in Simple trigger Layout

1st Row enemy, gift, malady, message

2nd Row thief, sweetheart, house, falseness


3rd Row constancy, desire, marriage, visit

A brief overview of the Simple Trigger Layout using the Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten from a request in the comments section.

Past – Cards 1,5,8 -describe the recent past-the last few days or the recent circumstance around your question.

ENEMY, THIEF, CONSTANCY- “the past is clear and accurate”

Now-Cards 2, YOU (#29), 9 -describe the now-what is going on with you -your thoughts and feelings.

GIFT, SWEETHEART, DESIRE- “the past is clear and accurate, the present is as well”

Immediate- Cards 3,6,10 -describe the immediate future, a day or so. These cards will tell you what to anticipate.

MALADY, HOUSE, MARRIAGE  “could this mean no imediate change to this situation regarding a relationship hitting home”

. Malady.  This card addresses issues of fatigue or the slow movement of things.

 House. (trigger card)  Issues surrounding the home and family are significant.  The House can mean one’s own inner temple.

 Marriage card.  Typically represents situations involving cooperation, partnerships, relationships and commitments.


The Trigger card is the cause and effect of the column of cards. 

Interpretation:  Your analysis is very good. Due to a situation that is in a very slow stage of development, the relevance of home/family issues or related thoughts will trigger a focus on commitment or some sort of “working out” of a problem.

MESSAGE, FALSENESS, VISIT- “could this mean information about lies will promt a visit from my “J”. as he is my former partner.”

.Message.  The delivery or correspondence of feedback that comes in the form of information is shared.

   Falseness. A card of misinterpretation of information or receipt of some news that is not exactly true.  Something is missing and all the facts are not in yet.
 Visit.  Generally a positive influence.  It brings some intent to discovery of gaining an expansion of what is known.  A possible gift could be in the offing.


Interpretation: You analysis is in keeping with the theme of these cards.  The visit can be by J or even yourself.  ” Visit” can also be interpreted as re-visiting information that you have received as in discussing things of the past that may or may not have happened.

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