Anchor #35 – Lenormand

Anchor – Lenormand #35.

About the Card

Many readers of the Lenormand cards give the meaning of job/work/career to the Anchor card.  I often refer to this meaning as well.

When interpreting this card in a layout and the meaning of work is not applicable it can indicate some sort of security.  In love or relationship questions it promises a steady and solid connection.  In business related questions that are not necessarily related to work it will bring encouragement that is based on reliability.

The Anchor has multi level meanings as with most cards in the Lenormand deck.  It provides a “grounding” to a situation.  One interesting thing to note is that if you are anticipating change in regards to a circumstance or even a person this card will not lend hope to that.  There will be no obvious change.

If you look at the image (French Cartomancy deck) you will see the anchor with a long chain that is not attached to anything. At one time it was secured to the boat in the background.  The boat lies still in one spot too and it is not adrift.  Both these images suggested “staying put”. It would take a strong gust of wind to move both these objects and it would take an even bigger shift in direction to change a situation.

I look forward to seeing the Anchor card when it is place next to most of the cards in the deck.  There are some exceptions, of course.  If it were to lie next to the Tree card it might indicate a potential problem with the health that would be difficult to diagnose or treat.  Other cards must accompany this duo that will reveal some kind of unpleasant issue.

Is the Scythe card powerful enough to rattle the chain of the anchor? When the Scythe fall behind or before the Anchor card it will foretell that a severance was necessary to bring back some stability. This could actually mean the loss of a job.

If the Scythe card falls beneath or after the Anchor card it will portend a job with no future. When you are using some of the other meanings for the Anchor, this duo could hint at surgery if the Tree card is very close by. Let’s say there is no health issue, then this duo can mean that you will meet someone through a work related circumstance.

However, if you decide that the meaning of “work” is not applicable, the duo will tell you that it is time not to stay put any longer and to apply some quick action in order to restore some sense of confidence in the situation or with a person involved.

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11 thoughts on “Anchor #35 – Lenormand

  1. Hi Madame Seaqueen.
    My name is Tatiane, I live in Sao Paulo – Brasil, and I just start to follow your blog in this month. He is helping me so much in my Lenormand reading – I’m a starter in gipsy cards.

    Well, I just got a reading that its a little confusing to me, and I ask for your help.

    I ask about my relationship with my ex-husband, What he is thinking about me now, what he wants with me?

    And then, I got this cards:

    31 24 09 21
    03 28 18 07
    04 29 33 30

    (I ask about him, then I put the “you” card as him, 28)

    For me, its a positive reading, with some little troubles in future (last column). Its talk about problemns with trust (negative comments about we), and foolish.
    (I talk little problems because have the 9 and the 18 card arround)

    Can yout talk about this layout/reading?, please??

    Thanks a lot!


  2. I got one more line (top line), cause I simple forgot that its 4 rows. 😛

    Then, its:

    08 14 13 05
    31 24 09 21
    03 28 18 07
    04 29 33 30

    The 14 card comes to me meaning a person (female) who he works togheter.
    Maybe I see doubt there.

  3. Hello Tatiane.
    Thank you very much for reading my blog. I am happy you are finding the information helpful.

    Before I start to study your layout, I need to let you that there are only 12 cards in the Simple Trigger Layout that has the “YOU” card in the 2nd row & 2nd column.

    Can you please clarify which layout you are using. You are using 16 cards (your second comment) Is it one of your own layouts? Perhaps I have forgotten 🙂 I have many layouts on the blog.

    Please get back to me. Thanks.
    Madame Seaqueen

  4. Hi Madame Seaqueen! First time commenting on your blog but long time reader and grateful for all your insights, I’ve learned a lot from you! I did a reading for myself asking what love life will be in March (single now but in love with a Lily man) and got: Bouquet-Lily-Clover-Heart-Anchor. I’m careful to not fall into any wishful thinking, so I wondered if I’m seeing this correctly as a happy development probably with this man where the Clover may signify a twist of luck or a quick connection (with the Heart) but the Anchor pointing at a possibility for a longer term relationship? What do you think? Thank you in advance!

    • Hello, Thanks for your comment.Some Cartomancers read the Clover card to mean little luck which is good energy. Clover also means something happening fast. There could be rapid advancement in the heart department. The Anchor card indicates a steady and stable energy which suggests a little “working at” might be needed to maintain this situation. I think your analysis is quite insightful. The Bouquet & Lily represents a couple as well The Queen and King of Spades. If the deck you were using doesn’t have the playing card insets then it doesn’t factor into the analysis. There could still be a connection with this Queen of Spades in some way. Overall, the Lily man has pleasant cards surrounding him so I don’t think he would be a two timing rascal, lol. Let me know how you make out. Madame Seaqueen

      • Hi 🙂 Thanks for your help! I do use playing card inserts and I thought the Queen could be either me or another person but since I asked about my love life, well… I hope she is me. 🙂 I was only concerned with the Anchor pointing at no development but with the Clover and Heart preceding it, I then thought it shouldn’t be so. I’ll share what happens in March!

      • Hello: Yes the Queen of Spades could be your card. Sometimes the Court Playing Cards represents personalities which are often different in meaning than the actual Lenormand image. The Anchor card is a slow and steady energy. It’s like a calculated risk. Hope it works out for you.

  5. As promised, here is the feedback: zero. No development in the love area despite the beautiful cards. 😦 Nor have I heard anything about a couple (Bouquet/Lily), nothing.

    • I agree they were beautiful cards. I’d wait a little longer as timing is never easy to predict no matter which cards are used. Reword your question & do another draw in a week or so. Seaqueen

      • You’re right on timing. It’s interesting also that the fate cards of my April GT again include the Bouquet and the Lily (they are Mice-Bouquet-Sun-Lily which I took as either my worries at this moment will ease or that I’ll worry over this couple’s happiness). Clearly the couple is still in force, or may be the general meanings of the cards as happiness and harmony, and bliss, etc. I drew five cards for love in April and got: Coffin-Rider-Key-Lily-Sun. It looks to me a final resolution is approaching and it’s again related to achieving harmony and happiness or to the King of Spades. We’ll see how it develops but the Lily and Sun are consistent.

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