Simple Layout – Simple Question. Trigger Layout.

Question? Will R. ask Veronica out on a date within the next week or so.

Vertical Row #1-Cards 1,5,8 describe the recent past-the last few days or the recent circumstance around your question.

Dog 18 Clover 2 Child 13– Veronica experienced a brief connection with someone new (R) and that is the reason she is asking the question. Dog & Clover can suggest a fleeting or passing opportunity.

Vertical Row #2-Cards 2, YOU, 9 describe the now-what is going on with you -your thoughts and feelings.

Bear 15 YOU-Veronica 29 Fox 14– Veronica is overprotective of her feelings (bear) and is suspicious, not in a trusting mood (fox) right now.

Vertical Row #3-Cards 3,6,10 describe the immediate future, a day or so. These cards will tell you what to anticipate.

Cross 36 Ship 3 Key 33– The cross is not always a welcome card. When it is beside the ship (movement, travel) it prevents or delays. The key card shows a definite answer to her question. If he doesn’t call and ask her out for a date-that is her answer.

Vertical Row #4-Cards 4,8,11 describe soon, less than a week. It’ll give you an answer to your question.

[note:  correction Vertical Row #4 should read 4, 7, 11]

Bouquet 9 Broken Mirror 8 Tree 5- The broken mirror basically says it all. She can expect a disappointment whether R. asks her out or not. The bouquet is a pleasing card usually, indicating a fondness but next to the broken mirror (coffin card in most Lenormand decks) there will be an ending to the potential of anything growing (tree) or branching any further.

*The middle horizontal Row- Trigger cards*

Clover 2 Veronica 29 Ship 3 Broken Mirror 8 – The trigger line suggests she had short encounter in the past, and there is distance between them which eventually will lead to a dead end. The distance is because they are not an item yet.
Keeping the meanings nice and simple can still give you a general feeling of the outcome. There are many combinations in this layout as well that can be considered. I think Veronica would be setting herself up for an emotional fall (cross & broken mirror). She is overly affectionate (dog & bear) or too needy for attention. She wants someone to protect her (child & fox). And that is precisely why she attracts males that end up exploiting her (fox & tree) life force- sucking her energy. Sometimes the ship card can indicate the desire of getting away or thinking about escapism. The crosss & ship suggest anguish- a yearning heart. Another test(cross) for her to work through and figure out (key). The broken mirror can also suggest a shattered self- image or the inability to see the totality of the entire situation around her question. A distortion- leading to a distorted desire for an answer.


Layout using Gypsy Bijou fortune telling cards.

3 thoughts on “Simple Layout – Simple Question. Trigger Layout.

  1. I just tried this layout and this is what I got.
    I had no spacific question in mind other than whats going to happen next? in the continuing saga of M+J
    With the zig. deck

    1st Row enemy, gift, malady, message
    2nd Row theif, sweetheart, house, falseness
    3rd Row constancy, desire, marriage, visit

    the past is clear and accurate, the present is as well however I am confused regarding the last the next part.

    Malady + house + marriage = could this mean no imediate change to this situation regarding a relationship hitting home

    message + falseness + visit = could this mean information about lies will promt a visit from my “J”. as he is my former partner.

    thanks again SQ

  2. I just want to ask you a question not really related to this post….. What is your take on destiny? In your years of reading you you feel there are “DESTINIES” that are predetermined? Things that are just ment to be that you can not change? OR is everything we do in life a choice wich opens a door to new choices and so on?


  3. Hi Elle,
    Thank you for your comment. I am in the process of doing a brief post explaining some of the cards that you have mentioned in an earlier comment.
    I will address you question about “destinies” very shortly. 🙂
    Thanks for your patience.
    Madame Seaqueen.

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