Smaller Layout (Trigger Layout) -12 cards only.

This layout is really simple and great for a beginner. I use it for questions on my mind. For this layout shuffle the entire deck of 36. It will work for any deck but first remove your significator card which in the Lenormand decks is #28 – male and #29 – are female. If you use Tarot figure out which card you are and remove it prior to shuffling as well.


Seaqueen’s Trigger Layout

Think of a question or something that is on your mind that can be answered shortly. Place your card on the table after taking it out of the deck that you will shuffle.  Cut the deck  into 3 piles towards your heart and put all the piles on top of each other any way you want, as long as you have only one pile of cards in total.                    Place the cards according to the diagram.*Middle Trigger Row

Cards 1,5,8 describe the recent past-the last few days or the recent circumstance around your question.

Cards 2, YOU, 9 describe the now-what is going on with you -your thoughts and feelings.

Cards 3,6,10 describe the immediate future, a day or so. These cards will tell you what to anticipate.

Cards 4,8,11 describe soon, less than a week. It’ll give you an answer to your question.

*The middle row- Trigger cards. Let me explain what I mean by this.

For example take a look at the cards below (even though they are lopsided, lol) and I will briefly explain just using key words.

l2.jpg Cartomanzia Francese

Past row

Card 1 is the reason behind card 5(trigger)and it results in card 8. The snake -a deception about a matter is the reason for the stork-change and results in an unknown secret/information (book).

Now row

The lady (in this example) feels annoyed or disturbed (clouds) about something. Remember the clouds is also a King of clubs-man. But she is putting on a good facade despite her inner disappointment- public face (garden).

Immediate row

Ahhhh, this is where you get a good example of combinations. The dog surrounded by clouds on the left side and whip on the right is not exactly a trustworthy, loyal friend at all-even though it is above the ring. Keeping this mind, this is the suggestive interpretation. Because of a friend the lady will be questioning a commitment (ring) within a day or 2 and this results in her emotions (moon) being brought to surface -garden+moon.
Soon row

Looks like there’s a disagreement coming up (whip) that will turn into some sort of hardship or sadness (cross) and result will be of short duration (clover), as in short and not so sweet.
*The middle trigger row* stork,lady,ring,cross

Major key words around the YOU (lady)card. CHANGE, lady, COMMITMENT, SADNESS –

You can get much more information from this simple layout if you study all the levels of the cards.

Hint: snake + clouds= a couple, ring + cross= karmic cycle, book + garden = explanation

27 thoughts on “Smaller Layout (Trigger Layout) -12 cards only.

  1. thanks for posting this. will give it a try sometime.

    just wondering though: how often are you meant to do spreads?

    and how about if there isn’t really a distinct question and you are just asking for an overview? do you need to wait for a particular period of time to past?

  2. Hi Kitty,
    Everyone has a different theory on how often to do spreads (layouts) but I do them every or every other day. My intention is set for “soon” reading outcomes.

    If you don’t have a distinct question, the cards in the Simple Layout of 12 cards will describe something else that will come up- let’s say within 1 week or so.

    For an overview, beyond that time frame I would do the 36 card layout. I have discovered that 3 months is the approximate duration of that bigger layout.

  3. hi seaqueen……your spread seems quite interestin,and m eager 2 try it out-infact i was lookin 4 a new spread wid dis deck-thankx a tonne

  4. Hello Seaqueen, I’m finally finding the confidence to tackle your trigger layout thanks to your thorough step by step explainations . This example is very interesting as it resonates strongly with me. My question is about the dog card. I have been married for 40 years and because the man has not shown up in this spread I think that the dog (faithful companion) can instead represent my husband in this particular spread. Would I be correct in this assumption, I understand that cards can be interchangeable and besides I do not have any male friend or lover.

    • Hi. When the man does not show up if client is married the Dog be a good friend either gender. If you were asking about his friendship when you shuffled then it would suggest the friendship part of the relationship. Usually when the man is absent he is not actively involved or the primary attention for the span of the reading. You may have other things going on that do not involve him so much. Sometimes we are so busy with other people’s situations that the marriage is secondary thus the marital partner is secondary. Hope that helps.

  5. Hello!
    I was curious to know if you could do a “Trigger Spread” using Rider Waite or Gilded Tarot cards and if so, could you show a sample of one?

      • Hello again Madame Seaqueen!
        I am just curious as to how you can give an accurate reading for a person who is not there physically in front of you? I’ve heard and read that readings are done generally by the “energy” that surrounds the querent, which is why some are asked to touch or shuffle the cards themselves before handing it over to the reader. How does that process work for you, especially if it’s a complete stranger to you?
        Thank you!

      • Hello N***. Thank you for your comment. You have posed a loaded question which I have seen mentioned in various cartomancy groups. Reading for an absent client and having an email from them asking for the reading or a text message sets up sort of an agreement. What I mean by this is that the person asking for the reading trusts the reader to do the reading on their behalf. Yes, it is better the person touches the cards and that there is an exchange of energy during the reading session. Now-a-days this is not really possible due to the ‘virus’. In my own experience, I have a copy of the actual request in front of me while I focus on the person even if I do not know them. I ask for guidance to provide the best possible reading for the person. Where it becomes an issue is if someone asks you to do an absent reading for someone else. Many cartomancers believe you need to get approval or permission from that someone else. For example, the Lenormand deck will reveal what situations other people are dealing with. Depending on the layout much information can be obtained whether or not there is permission. I hope I am answering your question, lol. Actually, reading for a perfect stranger shouldn’t be that different than reading for someone you know because an objective reader reads the cards. This is learned through experience and practice. This is a very interesting topic. What’s your view on it?

  6. Hello Madame Seaqueen. I wasn’t sure if I needed to provide a question to you for the Gilded tarot sample spread that I requested? If so, I would just be curious to know what you could tell me will happen in my life in the next few months or so.
    Thank you!

  7. Hello Madam Seaqueen!
    I didn’t realize that I had posted my full name on the one post dated March 18, 2021 at 3:28 pm. Would you be able to delete it or instruct me as to how I can delete the post so my name is not exposed to the public?

  8. Mme. Seaqueen,
    I noticed you haven’t responded to any of my latest posts so I was wondering if I offended you in some way?

    • Hi. Due to a personal situation my time is very limited in answering comments on my blog as well as participating in several groups that I admin. If you would not mind grouping your questions in one comment that would be helpful. Thank you. Madame Seaqueen.

  9. Mme Seaqueen,
    How does one interpret a spread as a “general” read, if there is no particular question involved? For example, if I just randomly did a Celtic Cross spread or even your Trigger spread with no question in mind? How would I know what the spread was about? Thank you!

    • If you have a good understanding of the cards you can get a pretty good idea of the cards’ guidance. If you use Tarot a predominance of a suit can signify a specific area and if mostly Major Arcana those are thought to be lessons.
      The Trigger layout works without a question. The ‘YOU’ position reveals the topic which should be addressed.

  10. Mme Seaqueen,
    I have a request, if I may. My father just recently passed a few days ago. I lost my mother several years before. Would you be able to do a private reading for me as to what lies ahead in my life right now? I am feeling sad and stuck.😥

    • My condolences on the passing of your father. Sadness is understandable. I know how it feels I lost my father and my my mother 4 months prior to that. It is a painful process which does improve over time. I am sorry you are going through this. I am not accepting requests for private readings at this time as I am in the midst of a private situation.

  11. Madam Seaqueen,
    How would you read a Celtic Cross spread with no question in mind? In other words, do you still connect the card positions as a detailed path to a possible outcome or is it just read as random situations in one’s life at the time?
    Thank you, N

    • Hello. The first 2 cards in the Celtic cross can identify a category or theme in one’s life even if no question is asked, however, even if no question is asked. Look to the cards in the staff part of the layout to gain more information about the theme. A random situation tends to be more significant when using the Tarot versus using a fortune-telling deck. Seaqueen

  12. Thank you for that information Mdm Seaqueen! I’m trying to better understand how to interpret the card positions and their meanings behind it! That was extremely helpful!

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