Asking the Robin Wood Tarot for general guidance. 12-card Trigger layout.

How is everyone doing? This current situation is affecting us all in different ways. I hesitated in doing a global forecast as each area in the world is at different stages of this ‘pandemic’. When I shuffled the cards I was asking what the forecast guidance is for the next three months. My main thoughts were about the significant slow down of the spread of the Cvirus. Some areas may experience this and others may not.

This reading is a general overview. In the Trigger layout the Trigger row contains 4 activation cards. This means the energy or guidance contained in those cards will provide highlights in keeping with a general forecast. I did not preselect the YOU card because I wanted to see what the Robin Wood Tarot would reveal as the focal energy. I will explain more as I get into the reading.  


Here we have three Major Arcana cards signifying karmic influences, life lessons and overall purpose of energy at play. From these cards we can ascertain that the wheel of life has turned and not in our favour. If you remember your lessons on this card you will know when you hit the bottom of the wheel you will eventually go back up. If you are sitting at the top of the wheel eventually you will be sliding back down to the bottom. These are cycles we live through in our lives.  The STRENGTH card (YOU card-focus) is reminding us that we have inner fortitude to get through things. Using applied force will only work with gentle hands. As we get into the 8 of Pentacles we will be working through the WHEEL of FORTUNE’s lessons. And lastly, the MOON card is telling us that not all is as it appears. In other words, the true reflection of what is happening is still in the shadows. Something is still hidden. As I piece the three cards in each column more information will be revealed. 


Interestingly, 2020 adds up to the Emperor card. Yes, here we have global domination creating a push on the Wheel of Fortune cards which has blind sighted (8 of Swords) us all. In the recent past we (collectively) stand in the middle of a nasty scene not knowing what is surrounding us. The standing swords represent all the different ideas surrounding this Cvirus which are stuck in the muddy ground. The fact that the woman is tied in the card represents our inability to get away from this situation. Things were not clear. We had restrictions and still do. As we enter the NOW column we are greeted by the Page of Swords. 

NOW: Page of Swords. STRENGTH. Ace of Pentacles.

This page has a chip on his (her) shoulder. The figure has the sword of information. This information could throw us off balance because it is coming at us at a fast speed. (note that the Page faces the Tower in the ONE MONTH column) We had just taken the blindfold off and grabbed one sword running with it. Is it the right sword (different ideas, what we are being told)? The STRENGTH is advising all to calm down. Now is the time to get in touch with your inner courage. If we overreact it will not help us. We need to embrace all those things around us that are of value to us (Ace of Pentacles). The next column’s timeframe would be mid May or thereabouts. 

ONE MONTH: TOWER. 8 of Pentacles. FOOL.

The energy of the TOWER card is still with us. The shattering effect is still at play. As we fall from the tower we are stripped of much. When combined with the 8 of Pentacles this shows the collapse of the work force (economy). Here we are thinking about our work/business future. Many will have to learn a new trade or develop new skills. There is a warning within the FOOL card. We cannot be careless in our finances. The FOOL also talks about blind optimism and is advising to look before you leap. Next, we enter the three month timeframe of approximately mid July because it is three months from now.

THREE MONTHS: 7 of Pentacles. MOON. Queen of Cups.

It is still a waiting game as depicted by the 7 of Pentacles. This is also a card of cycle changes and because it is from the pentacles suit this affects our income/finances. Sometimes all we can do is wait because things are out of our control. Also, I want to read this card as more dormant energy which suggests the spread can be as such.  This was my question so you should to apply card meanings accordingly. The MOON card is about cycles as well. These two cards are about seasons. The dangers are not as obvious but the question is whether or not this is an illusion. This card is tricky. It is definitely not clear insofar as the Cvirus.

The Queen of Cups speaks about our emotions in all this. Since she is coupled with the MOON card I see this as a profound inner emotional journey. What is important is that people’s imagination doesn’t get the better of them. This could go either way. Many inventions/solutions can be shown in the imagination. As I study these three cards in the last column and keeping my question in mind I don’t see an acceleration but I do see things behind the scenes. The moon casts a shadow. It can be about manipulation. Did you know the MOON card can indicate the occult and things that are unknown? It can also represent an increase in addictions (MOON+Queen of Cups) which could occur. This Cvirus needs to be brought out into the light so we can see the reality of it. I place a lot of value on the last card in the Trigger row.

Is there encouraging advice in this reading? We need to heal from the roller coaster ride we just fell off of and make the necessary adaptations. Beyond the moonlit road lies a road we cannot see yet but it will soon be lit up by the sun.


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