I want to share a story of synchronicity that happened to me a few weeks ago. I had an appointment the one day and was running late that day (which is typical) and could not find any parking at the facility-all parking meters. I circled a couple of times around the block and started to become alarmed because it was only 5 minutes to my appointment.

Suddenly, I noticed a vehicle pulling out and I immediately sent out my gratitude to the Universe. I quickly parked and rummaged through my wallet for change. I had $1.25 only in coin, I checked the meter and that would buy me 30 minutes. I knew that would probably not be enough and then I worried some more.

There were a couple of ladies getting into their van beside where I was parked. I must have looked startled as I just stood there staring at the meter with my wallet in my hand. One of the ladies said “oh, don’t put money in the meter there’s lots of time on mine and I’m leaving, so you can have the time”. I thanked her and I could swear I saw a halo around her head-I thought to myself, she looks like an angel.

I re-located to her meter, ran to it and saw 43 minutes, I decided to put my $1.25 in anyways which gave me a total of 73 minutes. I made it to the appointment just in time and then there was a delay. I got to thinking about how lucky I was to get the meter, and I surely would have run out of time if I only bought 30 minutes.

When I was done, I headed back to my vehicle and checked the time on the meter. I was shocked to see 30 minutes, I used exactly 43 minutes which the lady left me. This amused me. The person after me would get my free time…..This situation made me think about my thoughts prior to the lady talking to me-I was thinking I need more time.

Just now as I write this, I have Dr. Wayne Dyer in the background on a show. He is one of my favorite authors. I wrote this post while the program on commercial break. The first thing Dr.Dyer started talking about was synchronicity.

Eerie eh.

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