Asking Robin Wood Tarot question about finances

I had a question about financial improvements. I am using Vincent Pitisci’s Celtic cross method from his book ‘The Essential Tarot’. You can find it on page 248. In his book he gives a summary of some common meanings for each card on the left pages and on the right pages the keywords associated with the card which he teaches.

As a rule, Vincent does not use the suit meanings (he does define them in his book at the beginning of each suit) nor the reversals. As you can see in the image there are two cards that happen to be reversed even though I was positive the deck was upright. I will read them reversed. Also, I will factor in the suit meanings where I think appropriate and add my own fingerprint. I am playing around with Vincent’s method which is very different from my own. I feel that keeping an open mind and experimenting with other people’s concepts prevents one from becoming too rigid in tried & true methods. I have been reading cards for 5 decades and still love to learn new things.  🙂   🙂

Married couple wants to know if their financial situation will improve within 3 months. Peter asked for the reading.  (same gender marriage)

  • WHITE FONT: What.  Cards 1/2 the question. Card 7 Client’s Perspective

EMPEROR/ ACE of SWORDS +10 OF PENTACLES. The first two cards represent the question. Leadership/Authority + New concept +Completion.   Card 2 can compliment or complicate. Since it is an Ace it won’t complicate anything just yet because it’s just the beginning. The Swords speak of the intellectual level. The cards are saying that the couple has taken full responsibility for their financial situation and will commit to a plan.  Peter (or both of them) has high expectations (10 of Pentacles). Since this is a card of completion the couple needs to tap into the Ace of Swords mentality.

  • YELLOW FONT: Why. Card 3 Actions taken. Card 4 Trying to Achieve Card 9 Ultimate goal

6 OF PENTACLES. SIX OF SWORDS. STAR.  Perseverance + Perseverance + Direction. It looks like the couple hasn’t done a heck of a lot about their situation. They have accepted their situation and picked up the crumbs while the whole loaf of bread flies over their head. I should explain, lol. This is an old saying about settling for less when you could have more. The couple has started to head in the right direction but  has not reached the goal yet. Their direction is not totally clear yet.

  • RED FONT: How. Card 5 Assets Card 6 Opportunity Card 10 Prediction

9 OF SWORDS REVERSED. 4 OF WANDS REVERSED. QUEEN OF WANDS. Attainment + Stability + Patience/Understanding. Ok, here is the first of the reversed cards. If the 9 is attainment then the reversal will slow this down. This card falls in the Assets position. There is no point for the couple to lose sleep over this situation. They have seen the reality of their situation. Not a pretty picture at all. The good news is they do not have their head in the sand so this will benefit them. The next card is reversed as well. Too bad it falls in the Opportunity position. The opportunity for more stability and security falls on deaf ears. The couple will receive little support within their immediate circle. Even if an opportunity comes it will abort before beginning. In the end they will gain much experience with this situation but not all hope is lost because there is an actual woman in the business world that will come through for them. She brings focus to the financial situation. I think their situation will improve via this woman. She will stand by the couple. 

  • TIMING. When. Card 8:  (oops I forgot to label this card in the image) 

WHEEL OF FORTUNE. Evolvement. For the longest time I read the W of F as a pick me up if you are flat on your face and if you are high and mighty you will soon be kissing the ground, lol.  As far as timing, I want to tell the couple they should do everything possible to start the ball rolling. However, given the 4 of Wands is reversed (no celebration) I don’t think they will see much improvement within 3 months. It would be a good idea to wait for an opportunity. It will come. The 4 of Wands will not be reversed forever, maybe only a couple of months.

How would you read these cards? Comments welcome. 

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