More winter or early spring?

The weather has been mild over the last few days. Actually, it is quite sunny today and much of the snow has melted. Could it really be an early spring 2019 or does Mother Nature have some surprises yet to come? 

The Groundhog did not see his shadow on Feb 2nd. This suggests an early spring. My mom always said that if Good Friday (GF) is early like in late March then spring comes early. I checked the calendar and GF is mid April after my dad’s birthday so this is a strong indicator that winter could last much longer.  Not everyone has the belief system around GF so I’ll leave it at that.

I pulled three cards asking if we will experience an early spring as predicted by the groundhog. Those silly mice always sneak in there somehow.  🙂 🙂 🙂 

FISH + MOUSE + BOUQUET = 34+23+09=66/12 = Birds (hidden energy)

Keeping the question in mind how does the Fish card reflect the weather. This card is about accumulation in the general sense of the meaning. We are not talking about money in this particular case. The Mouse card minimizes that accumulation. This could be saying that there is a loss in the value regarding the prediction. The Mouse card is ruining what could be a pleasant (Bouquet) outcome. It spoils the overall prediction.

The hidden energy Birds card indicates more worries to come over the weather. Since this card is associated with the number 2, I think we can expect a repeat of winter-like weather as in heavy snowfall and freezing temperatures.  As I write this post, I can hear the birds chirping outside. They are happy the sun is out and that it is much milder. Last week I heard some birds which sounded like a squeaky gate. Mom always said that the squeaky bird sounds was a warning of cold weather to come. I always suspected she was a natural psychic but she would get annoyed with me when I told her that. I think it frightened her. 

The three card reading does not support the prediction of the groundhog. 🙂

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