Asking two different card systems the same question

I do think that all card systems answer your question with the exception of those days when the cards do not make sense at all. 🙂

Lady E. wants to know if she should accept the offer that came in from a potential buyer of her house.  She is torn between accepting the offer or refusing it. The buyer will not give her what she wants but pretty darn close. 

Simple interp:

The Pages point to an offer more in the distance which will be in keeping with what she wants. The Divine Horse will also protect her from making the wrong decision. No reds showed up indicates little struggles. This tells me Lady E. already knows her decision and reached out to me to confirm this decision.

The Rana George Lenormand points to a secure offer, however, with the Whip card indicates Lady E. would be at odds with her husband if she accepted the offer. I didn’t see a smooth transaction. The Anchor card does suggest neither parties will budge on the offer. 

Did you notice the circles (ouroboros/ring) in both systems? I didn’t see a sale of the house in either sets of cards. What do you see?

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