12-card Trigger layout featuring Rana George Lenormand

I was really impressed with the quality of the Rana George Lenormand. The artwork took me back to decades ago when I was in an intriguing relationship with a Persian man. I learned lots about his culture and he of mine. We had lots of fun together searching for the meaning of life. We played a lot of Zamfir as we philosophized.

Today, I am featuring the breathtaking Rana George Lenormand in the 12-card Trigger layout. The image does not do the cards complete justice. I can’t even think of a word that would totally describe this deck. It’s a WOW for sure. 

I decided not to select the YOU spot card (question) and let the cards decide what or who the YOU spot would represent. Here sits the magnificent HEART card. It is obvious the reading is about an emotional connection, love or relationship. Notice that the Gentleman and Lady are not looking at each other. 

There is a background question about the success of an event. Both of these people will be working there. 

Let’s look at the Trigger row before continuing with the reading. It will provide a brief summary of the theme (HEART card) of this reading.

Things came to a standstill recently involving a relationship/emotional connection. (can be tied into the question) This will place a burden on the woman getting the reading. It might be a testing period. The KEY promises results within the time frame of this reading. I usually choose 3 months for the last column although the time frame for the event is within one month (second last column).

Beginning in the far left column we have CHILD, PATH, GENTLEMAN. It looks like a new situation occurred in the recent past that resulted in a pending decision. The man has these cards above him. He is thinking about what he should do. He is stuck in the past. He is unsure of his role in this upcoming event. Part of him does not want to go.

In the now column, sits TOWER, HEART, CLOVER. The event is something the woman loves to do. At the current time she is feeling cut off emotionally from her man. It will pass within a few days. This little rift between the couple is not long lasting. Besides, she prefers to work alone. She is definitely disappointed at her man.

In the soon column, we have STORK, CROSS, LADY. The woman should expect some changes which she may not like. These cards sit above her. This situation is weighing down on her. She needs her man to be on the same page as her or working with him at the event will be burdensome. I felt that Stork/Cross could indicate some sort of movement towards a cease fire between the two of them. Most likely the woman will endure some difficulties at the event. It’s tough to be optimistic when a person you count on is giving you a hard time. 

The final column holds BEAR, KEY, BOOK. Here we have more promising cards. I’m not getting the feeling that the Book card is about secret or something hidden. It would be more like through a solution experience (knowledge) is gained. Often, the Bear card represents money which is what the woman wants to hear about. Even though I was thinking 3 months time frame for this column it could be the actual timing for the event.  I will update when I know the results.

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