Asking about a trip. Lenormand Block of 9

A couple was curious about their 3-week vacation. She (Lady) more than he (Gentleman) wanted to ask the cards. Interestingly, both Significator cards showed up in the block of 9 layout. The first column represents the first week. The second column covers week two of their vacation. Column three wraps up the vacation.  Since the woman (Lady) shuffled the cards the reading is for her even though they would both be involved in the situations coming up. The vacation of week one is into the second day.

First thing to notice is that this couple is back to back in the reading. It looks like they do not have the same goals for the vacation. Also, the troubling cards Scythe and Coffin are around the Gentleman card in the second week.

Week 1: Lady + Lily + Birds

It looks like the first week is filled with many conversations with various people. The Lady might be filled with worry about the forthcoming couple of weeks. Lily suggests a harmonious first week. Is she thinking about another man (Lily)? Will an older man in the family interfere in some way?

Week 2: Scythe + Gentleman + Coffin

Some situation arises for the second week which will be challenging. The Gentleman is highlighted. He has some heavy-duty cards above and below him. The sharp point of the Scythe sits above him. I certainly hope he will not be experiencing some physical pain. The Coffin sits beneath him suggesting some halt to a plan on the trip. I am drawn to the Significators not facing each other and influenced by the Scythe’s energy. It affects both of them. They could have a falling out or terrible disagreement which could spoil their plans this week.

There are obvious warnings. The Gentleman looks to the Key card. This indicates he is the one trying to figure everything out even though it is the Lady’s reading. She looks to the left. This is bothersome. Maybe she is waiting for him to solve everything. The blunt side of the Scythe faces the Lady. She will definitely experience a jolt from the experience of week two but it will affect the Gentleman directly. 

Could the Birds/Coffin cards be hinting as some sort of lock down of communications? Is there an external situation that will alter some of their vacation plans? Another thought is that the Gentleman might feel isolated and make the best of the situation.  There is definitely a sudden change and the Gentleman will experience some disappointment! 

Will the man take ill (Coffin)? It is obvious by the Scythe card he could endure physical pain? Often the Birds/Coffin combo indicates some sad news. I really do not get a good feeling about these cards in the week two column. Will he have to cut his trip short? So many probabilities…… 

Week 3: Anchor + Key + Dog

The final week of the vacation seems more stable. Whatever will occur in the second week should be behind them. The Key suggest they will find answers or solutions. It could also indicate an end to a friendship (Coffin/Dog) and I sure hope it is not between them.

I will update this reading in three weeks mainly because of the cards in week 2. I hope all goes well for this couple.  🙂

2 thoughts on “Asking about a trip. Lenormand Block of 9

  1. Hi Jay. Thanks for your question. The man went home earlier and she stayed longer. No major medical emergency or sad news just different set of goals for the trip. She went home to her parents after trip but I don’t know if she is back home. 🙂

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