Have you ever tried to read the Tarot in the Lenormand Houses GT? Part 1/2

As you know, the Tarot cards and the Lenormand cards are very different systems. Today’s reading is for a female acquaintance (background below). Some of you may think this is an absolute no-no and others might be open to this exploration.

I have laid the Tarot-Karten von A. E. Waite deck in the 9×4 GT layout as you can see in the image. You may be wondering how I will read the Tarot using the Lenormand Houses. There are a number of ways to do this. I think using the Lenormand House meanings is better because we cannot successfully link the Tarot cards to the Lenormand Houses. They are different systems. This is a bit more complex and you need to have a good understanding of both systems. I’ve done this method many times but it does take a lot of time. I will only skim through the reading and cover Houses 28 and 29 followed by Houses 1-9 (Part 2/2) to give you an idea of how to read the Tarot cards in the Lenormand Houses.

I will share some findings with you. Female A is a middle-aged woman with a steady relationship (residing separately). She is divorced with 2 grown up children who have families of their own. The female is not gainfully employed but financially alright. She is very family oriented.

In most cases, you would begin the Lenormand House GT with card-in-house starting with Lady or Gentleman and then begin with linking.  In this method the House is the starting point and the Tarot card falling into it will add details. There is such depth to each Tarot card that the cards stand alone quite nicely. If you click on the image it should enlarge. The Lady House has a red rectangle around the Tarot card and the Gentleman has a blue rectangle. 

It’s a good idea to determine the Significator cards from the Tarot deck. Female A felt that the King of Pentacles represented her boyfriend (male D) because he is a manager at a bank. She also chose the Queen of Cups for herself. She is quite familiar with the Tarot cards. If your client has little knowledge of the Tarot then you should explain the meanings of the courts and let your client decide. You may have to choose basing it on their needs at the time of the reading. A female going through hardships can be represented by the Queen of Swords. A male who is a devoted family man could be the King of Cups.

I will begin with House #29 since the person getting the reading is a female. Since she has a boyfriend I’ll read House #28 next …the Gentleman.

Tarot cards in Lenormand Houses GT

LADY HOUSE 29Queen of Cups. Surprise, surprise. This Tarot card pretty much sums up  female A’s personality. Also, she chose this card before the reading to represent her. Here’s a question for you? Should I read the direction the Queen of Cups is facing as cards to her left as being her future? 🙂 Let’s keep this simple and not use the directions…for now.

GENTLEMAN HOUSE 2810 of Cups. What a wonderful card. Male D is in a happy place. There doesn’t seem to be any challenging issues around him on the surface. As we go through the reading, though, different situations will be revealed for him as well.

At this point, I will read House 1 the Rider. The Major Arcana Strength card  is blessing female A. What this card means in relation to the House meaning is that no matter what situation /news is coming her way during the duration of the reading timeframe she will be able to handle it. It appears as though female A is solid and has a sweet way about her. 

The other thing is the Strength card has appeared because female A will need to tap into this card’s energy once the situation/news arrives. She may need to be firm about some matter but not overly aggressive. It is there for a reason which is unknown at this point of the reading because we have not talked about any other Houses or cards.  

Part 2/2 – Houses 2 – 9 to follow

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