Have you ever tried the Tarot in the Lenormand Houses GT? Part 2/2

In continuation of the previous post  Tarot card in the Lenormand Houses GT.

As a reminder, male D’s Tarot Signicator card is King of Pentacles and female A’s is Queen of Cups. So far, the Strength card situated in the Rider House was discussed in the last post.  The next House is the Clover.

Tarot cards in Lenormand Houses 1-9
Clover HOUSE 2 – King of Wands

The King of Wands can represent a male known to female A. He could be a business person offering some financial advice. Kings are at the top of their suit. Given this House represents matters which often come and go this King may have a temporary influence. It won’t be long-lasting. He could also bring an opportunity for marriage.

Ship HOUSE 3 – Ace of Swords

The Ace of Swords situated in the Ship card usually representing some sort of travel can suggest a strong decision about a trip. Swords belong to the air element reflecting thoughts.  As an Ace it would be the beginning of an idea. It doesn’t have to involve travel it could also indicate ordering something from a ‘foreign’ country.

House HOUSE 4 – Ace of Wands

The Ace of Wands falling into the house representing one’s home can signify some good news approaching. It could be the beginning of a project and quite possibly renovations. Wands are associated with the fire element and this would suggest some action around the home would be forthcoming. It’ll be a new situation. Note the two Aces side by side. Often this means changes.

Tree HOUSE 5 – 9 of Wands

As a rule this House represents one’s well-being. Here we have a challenging card and yet the person in the image is not giving up … yet. Female A might not be feeling the best for one reason or another. She will have to hold her own position and make sure her health isn’t going to be affected because of situations which will come up (Strength in Rider House).


This major arcana often represents one’s mother. Falling in the Clouds House there is a very good chance there is some concern for a mother/mother-in-law or someone’s mother. There is some confusing energy around this woman.

On the other hand, issues involving care giving may arise since the Empress is all about nurturing. It could be just some confusion around child-rearing.

Snake HOUSE 7 – Queen of Swords

Female A needs to be aware of an untrustworthy female acquaintance. When you blend the Snake’s House meaning with the Queen’s personality this can be quite a nasty combination.

Coffin HOUSE 8 – Knight of Pentacles

The Coffin House is about endings. The Knight’s energy is slow. As a rule the pentacles represent financial matters.  A situation could be nearing completion. The other thing which is possible is that a financial matter may not get off the ground. Maybe the money won’t be available. If female A is involved in some sort of home improvements (Ace of Wands in the House house) the funding might run out or not forthcoming.

This combination could indicate an inheritance.


Keeping up with appearances. This house is about gift giving, invitations, donations or pleasant opportunities. The Hierophant is one of those cards which suggests doing the right thing not so much because it is the right thing but because everyone expects you to do it.

Additional observations:

  • Looking at the King of Pentacles (male D’s Significator) he is situated in the Book House. There’s more to him than meets the eye. Female A may soon discover things about him she didn’t know. This is quite common in relationships. How can you possibly tell your partner every single thing about your life … this takes time and trust. He could also be taking a upgrading course for his job. 🙂
  • The 9 of Cups, usually depicting one’s wishes falls in the Scythe House. Ouch! Looks like some of great importance to female A will suddenly end. Her heartfelt wish will not materialize within the timeframe of this reading. Timeframes can vary even if you set one.
  • The World card in the Cross house indicates the fulfillment of some karmic situation. There is a release coming. Female A has paid her dues on some matter. 
  • The Hanged Man situated in the Path house suggest a real dilemma in a decision. Female A may have to take a totally different perspective in some options which will lie ahead of her.

And so on …

I really have a lot of fun studying the Tarot cards in the Lenormand Houses when I have ample time. There is a vast amount of information which can be discovered if you take the time to study the cards in the houses. The linking technique can be done but you will have to really think about which keyword meanings you are using for the Tarot cards.

➡ You’ll be surprised at the commonality between the two systems.

Don’t be shy try this cartomancy method on yourself. You may like it.  🙂

3 thoughts on “Have you ever tried the Tarot in the Lenormand Houses GT? Part 2/2

  1. Thank you for a great set of lessons. I like the way you see each Tarot card primarily in relation to the House it is in, rather than trying to read adjacent combos – Squares of 9, lines & columns, etc. – which could easily become overwhelming. Your technique makes the whole thing quite manageable. One could also use “The Master Method” house meanings, if preferred.

    • Always a pleasure to read your comments Mary. Most of the time when I read Lenormand Houses I prefer not to mix techniques. I tried the Master Method house system and it didn’t resonate with me as much but thanks for the tip.

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