5 card Layout featuring Gipsy Cards

5 Card Layout

5 Card Layout

Married Male is putting most of energy into his work/career. He is worried about the future of his company. Also, recently he has been experiencing some communication problems with his wife because he is not there for her the way he used to be. Featuring the Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten which is probably one of the first decks I fell in love with sharing the stage with Astrology way back in the late 1960’s early 1970’s.

BASIS: Enemy

Zigeuner .ENEMY

Gipsy Enemy

The basis of this Reading is rooted in very negative energy. There is a good chance this married male is experiencing business losses because of someone’s schemes. He doesn’t know who to trust anymore. 

What you KNOW: Officer

Gipsy Officer

Gipsy Officer

He knows he is an honourable man and that he tries to run a respectful business. This man is aware of the underhanded activities of certain individuals in regards to his work/career.

He also feels his wife is not supportive during his time of need. It feels like his marriage is very formal.

What you ARE NOT seeing: Marriage

ZIGEUNER marriage

Gipsy Marriage

The married man is ignoring some of the close bonds he has with people at work. He needs to reassess what commitments are just for “show” and which ones are real.

Since we know the man is married whenever the Marriage card appears it is a warning as well. He needs to apply some energy in that area or there will be future issues which may be difficult to solve.

ADVICE to follow: Judge


Gipsy Judge

The married man needs to call a meeting so everyone is on the same page at work. He may have to make some difficult decisions which will be fair and in the best interest of his company. He may have to seek advice from a legal representative to ensure that whatever decision he does make is within the guidelines of business law. These official discussions do not protect the married man and his company as you will see in the final card.

RESULT: Misfortune


Gipsy Misfortune

The outcome of the Reading is devastating. No matter what the married man has tried to do he won’t be able to save his company. Also, his marriage may be in big trouble as well because usually the Judge + Misfortune predicts an unfortunate legal situation. His wife may file for divorce.


2 thoughts on “5 card Layout featuring Gipsy Cards

    • The Reading confirmed what he already knew in his heart. I think when the cards give unpleasant messages the person already knows deep down inside. The odd time a person is blind to the reality of what’s going on. If a person hand picks the cards I read what they have chosen for me to read.

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