Grand Layout. Venus Cards. Olney H. Richmond’s Mystic system.

I have studied Olney Hawkins Richmond system found in the Mystic Test Book for several decades. I could never wrap myself around his precise timing techniques for the Grand layout consisting of all 52 cards. I usually meditate prior to shuffle and when I felt the moment was right I began laying the cards beginning with the 3 Sun Cards continuing to the next row (Mercury future, now, past) and to the next row (Venus, future, now, past) and so on. See first image which I created to keep track of this Reading. Much of my information comes from Richmond’s 3rd edition printing 1919. I am fond of  the Sacred Symbols of the Ancients book by Edith L. Randall and Florence Evylinn Campbell and am lucky to have the original copy from 1975.

I have summarized my own findings for each card and chose the meaning which made the most sense.  There are several books on the market which have built on Richmond’s original system like Destiny Cards by Robert Camp, 1992. I bought Robert’s book when it first came out and have had some astounding Readings. Also, I admire the work of Thomas Morrell Mystic Quadrant system. It’s good to know one key phrase for each card if you attempt this layout as well as what each card means in the Planetary rows/columns. You can find those meanings in the author’s books I mentioned. Without getting into the finer details of Richmond’s system in this post (see other posts on blog) I want to get right to reading the Grand (Spread) Layout.

The great thing about having all the 52 cards in front of you in the 7 rows (planetary rulership) you can easily see the past (2 cards) now or current time (3 cards) and future (2 cards).  I decided just to read the Venus row which rules love and relationships and of course of I will read the entire layout but it would be way too big for a post.  I just want to show you what you can do if you do not adhere to the strict instructions of Mr. Richmond.

Grand Layout.

Grand Layout.

This is my worksheet and the next image is the actual cards on my dining room table featuring the Jeu de la Pucelle (reproduction) deck, made in France.

Jeu de la Pucelle deck

Jeu de la Pucelle deck

Notice the 3 sun card are not turned over when I took the picture. According to Richmond and his colleagues these three cards are of no influence in the person’s life. It is an event or situation which is gone.

In the first image you can clearly see the Venus row as there is a red dashed line around it.  In the second image the Venus column is the 2nd last full column of 7 cards. The last column is Mercury. The first column in the 2nd image is the Neptune column which is the Neptune row (bottom) in the 1st image.

VENUS CARDS: ok we are wanting to know about love, relationships, etc. Look at all the red cards.

PAST:  2♦   JACK♥

2business arrangement with a female. Co-partnership with a friend.

JACK♥ a young relative. Warm friend or lover. Kind hearted young man.

Summary: In the past you had some sort of arrangement with a female who may have been related to you. You received warm support from a kind hearted young man or your lover.

NOW OR PRESENT: 6♥  5♦  7♦

6contentment for a season of time. Not much variety in love or friendships. Married happiness.

5change in love or a friendship. 

7money paid or given to a lady. (If 8followed the 7♦it would mean money paid out for some pleasurable situation.)

Summary:  Things in love department are running smoothly at the current time. You won’t see much variety. Some of this boredom or lack of excitement may trigger changes in your romantic feelings. You will gift a female with some money to make yourself feel better.


7♥ unfaithful friend or lover. Illness of friend. Heartache caused by a friend.

QUEEN♥ warm-hearted, loving faithful woman. Usually a mother or affectionate female.

Summary:  In the future months you may discover a friend of yours is ill. Another situation which might arise is the infidelity of a friend which will hurt you deeply.  The Queencan represent the female getting the Reading although it is not her birth card but she is a mother.

Let’s find this female’s birth card (click link to find yours scroll halfway done on the right) in the Grand Layout.

She is a 5♠:  sitting as the 1st card in Saturn followed by the Ace♠(bad news) in the Past.  This tells me she is “stuck” on some situation she has already experienced which was probably quite challenging.  

So where is her lover’s card in the Grand layout? Is he the one who will be unfaithful?  It’s always a good idea to ask the Month/Day of the significant people in the person’s life you are Reading. Sometimes this fits perfectly other times it is the card’s meaning which is stronger.

9♣ can be found under Mars as the last card (future).  The the card is the Queen ♣.  This duo suggests some disappointment or disapproval (9♣) due to lack of knowledge which involved this female which is of strong will. She is smart but quick-tempered. Maybe the man will get involved with someone else’s problems and this might be misconstrued as unfaithfulness. Taking interest in another woman’s life while in a relationship with a woman could send the wrong message. It all depends on the belief system of the people involved. 

As you can see it is better to do the entire Reading because you will be cross referencing cards as well.

4 thoughts on “Grand Layout. Venus Cards. Olney H. Richmond’s Mystic system.

    • Thanks for your question. I start with the Sun cards and then go to the next row which is the Mercury line. So basically I lay the first card in the future spot (see 1st image) all the way across ending at the past spot. I continue with the next row which is the Venus line and do the same.
      When reading the cards I begin reading the Mercury line with the 2 past cards, continue with the 3 now cards and then the final 2 cards in the future spot.
      I’m not being rigid in this layout as Olney’s instructions in his 1919 book. I’m starting a data base when the meanings of each card in each planetary line and coming up with a simple summary for the individual card meanings. Robert Camp has this all laid out in his Destiny Cards books and so does Thomas Morrell.
      Hope that helps. Seaqueen

  1. Hi, dear Seaqueen!
    I study a little bit O. Richmond system. I want to tell you what I discover. Maybe you will study more this aspect. I don`t have much time disponibile and more resources to learn in that moment.
    I use in a spread Grand Jeu Lenormand cards (or AstroMithological cards deck). One card was 3 of diamonds. You know, in this deck this card is in Order of Time category, is Gemini card.
    O. Richmond and after him, Robert Lee Camp say that every day from calendar is represented from one card.
    I search what days are governed by 3 of diamonds card. This days are: 24 January, 22 February, 20 march, 18 april, 16 may, 14 june, 12 july, 10 aug, 8 September, 6 octomber, 4 November and 2 December.
    Gemini zodiac is in period 22 may – 21 june. So only single day govermed by 3 of diamond from Gemini period is 14 JUNE.
    Astrological speaking 14 june is in the 3rd decade of Gemini zodiac, governed by Sun.
    I search online for sabian symbol for 14 june, 3rd decade, and this is sabian symbol number 25 Gemini = A gardener trimming large palm trees.
    Now please take 3 of diamond from Grand Jeu lenormand deck and look what imagine is in down left corner 🙂
    (I really hope you understand me, my English is not so good as I wish wright now)
    Bless, Tania

  2. Hi Tania: Thank you for your comment and that wonderful explanation of the 3 of diamonds. I think so many systems are linked one way or another with other systems that’s why it is good to know more than one. I will have to find my Grand Jeu Lenormand deck to study the 3 of diamonds a bit more. I started to research sabian symbols and needed to put that aside for a short time. Thank you for your observations. (btw English is not my first language either) 🙂

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