Astrology (Wheel) Square Layout featuring Sofia’s Playing Cards meanings

One of my favourite layouts to do is the Astrology Wheel known as a Zodiac Circle. It quenches my love of Cartomancy and Astrology in one layout. This layout can be quite extensive when more than one card in laid in the 12 Houses. The Astrology Wheel can be a circle of cards but if you don’t have the space just lay out 2 rows containing 6 cards each. If you lay 2 – 3 cards in each House, leave some space before you start the 2nd row so that you can identify Houses 7-12 easier. Place a coin (heads up for luck) on House 7. The underlined meanings are from Sofia’s Fortune Telling With Playing Cards book.

I have provided some brief summaries for the Houses and wrote down “my take” on the 2 card combination in the Houses. I would provide much more information if I were doing a one-on-one consultation. 

Astrology Square Layout. Dec 6-13
1. House rules your state of mind and reveals the energy surrounding you at the time of the Reading. The physical self. How others see you.

Ace overpowering love combined with 7♣ reflect on your plans: You care about your personal appearance and plan on some improvements to project a loving romantic aura to others. Example: you get a new hair style which boosts your self-confidence thus attracting positive people to yourself.

2. House is primarily rulership over your financial position.  One would like to see positive cards, however, negative cards can also provide clues on how to solve money issues.

Queen ♠ dark haired dark eyed woman combined with 5  great fortune. You will be very generous because of some money luck coming your way. Leave some money for yourself. Example: you win a large amount of money at the race track and share most of your winnings with the people in your group.

3. House has multi level meanings such as short trip, communications, siblings and things going on in your neighbourhood.

3 influencing others combined with 7 reunites people from the past.  Sharing happy memories with a brother or sister you haven’t in seen in a while. Example: you remind a sibling of good experiences from the past instead of agreeing with their version of those same experiences.

4. House rules the home and family. It is also the end of matters such as finding the answer to a question which might have been asked at the time of shuffle.

Queen ♣ dark haired hazel eyed woman combined with  2♠ wistfulness.  Nursing some hard feeling towards a female member of the household.  Example: someone in the family may be experiencing some sadness or wishing things were different with a matter connected to the family.

You would continue to read the Astrology Square layout in the same manner. Keeping it simple until you go through all the 12 Houses. When you are done you can expand on each house when you dialogue with your client. If you are doing the Reading for yourself you can meditate on the 1 – 3 cards in each House and jot down your findings.… continuing with House 10

10. House rules career. It also represents your aims and goal setting connected to work.  Often the boss or supervisor is found here.

5♣ small accomplishments combined with 2 sweet encounter.  At last you are nearing completion of some career related matter which brings you great joy.  Example:  you receive little criticism for your hard efforts in a project for the company you work for.

11. House represents community. One’s wishes can be found here. Fulfillment of a wish is a little different from an answer to a question which may have been asked.

Kingbrown haired blue eyed man combined with King♣ dark haired hazel eyed man.  Two different friends give you valuable advice on something very dear to your heart.  Example: members of the community or an organization play a prominent role. Their financial and communicative skills are of assistance to you.

12. House rules the unknown. Here you find secrets or deep-rooted issues. Often represents the past. Also, large institutions, behind the scenes and fears.

10♠ achievement over obstacles combined with Jack♠dark haired dark eyes young individual.  Negative influence of an individual will finally be dealt with. Example: you were grieving over a broken relationship with a male who did not bring out the best in you.

—various decks in Astrology House Readings—

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