Counting 7’s & Pairing method- 36 cards

I recently wrote an explanation on how to read the GT or Full Board Layout (as I like to call it) using two different methods. The Linking technique is applicable because in essence you are linking the meanings of the cards in the Counting 7’s and Pairing Corners method.


Locate the Significator card which represents you or the person seeking the Reading.  In the image below there is a Red Star on the Sweetheart card (female) and a Green Star on the Lover card (both in the bottom row).

Count 7 cards from the Sweetheart heading to the right of the Full Board layout (GT) to the next Red Star and so on remembering to always count the 7th card as card one of the next 7.

You should have 5 cards to link to come up with a significant theme of the Reading. If the person asked a question usually these 5 cards from the Counting 7’s method will contain the answer. When you continue with pairing the corners the cards will reveal other information covering a variety of areas in one’s life.

Past, Present or Future?  In this type of Reading the delineation is more Present & Future based unless the seeker of the cards tells you otherwise. Many times you will hear, “oh, that just happened”. Adjust your Reading accordingly. The person may say, “I have no idea what you are talking about.”  That’s ok, too, because you probably don’t  …. you are just reading the cards’ messages. It’s up to the person, to apply these messages into their lives at the time of the Reading but most likely after the fact….a few weeks, months later.

Counting 7's & Pairing corners method

Counting 7’s & Pairing corners method

Example reading of the Counting 7’s for the Sweetheart:  Gift, Constancy, Money, Widower, Love.

Gift: The female will be receiving a token of appreciation. It can be an actual gift which is wrapped up or it can be an act of kindness/help/support.  Within this card is also a small warning to be cautious.

What is a gift? A contribution, a donation, an offering, something given or received usually with no strings attached. It can be a skill or talent.  The Gift card shows possibilities of generosity. The person getting the Reading may not have discovered their own treasures. Sometimes gifts are not welcome depending on the intention of the giver. If their negative energy is all over an item given to you, it is important to “clear” it or you may take on that energy without realizing it. People do not consciously give gifts to hurt other people. Although, you should know that there are individuals who are not of pure heart.

Constancy:  The energy of this card is very solid.  It anchors the influence. A situation will arise for the person getting the reading which appears quite stable. Maybe this card describes the gift? Universal luck.

When the Constancy card comes up in a layout it give stable energy to the surrounding cards. In this case, since we are doing the Counting 7’s method the Gift and Money cards are involved. 

Money:  Who doesn’t want cash or things of value?  Most likely this is additional funds coming to the person. It is extra cash but within reason (constancy).

When coupled with other cards we can see how the money energy is being used or abused. Holding on to money too tightly results in stagnating energy. The Constancy card is energy which stays in one place. More abundance is not possible because money energy is not circulated. If you are too loose with your money the natural energy can’t keep up with the fast flow therefore the money’s energy can be depleted quickly. If you have more than enough money giving some away will make room for more. If you seem to be running out of money all the time then part of this is connected to your belief system. Change your attitude towards money and your money situation will change. This is easier said than done because you must be wholehearted believe in the abundance of the Universe. 

Widower:  This card can represent a set of circumstances which may materialize in the time frame of this Reading. It can also represent a person. Usually, it is a male because we have the Widow card for a female. I do want to point out that a female can be represented by the Widower.  How? A female can hold on to things as well. The Widow card’s energy has a little less ownership of grief. She has more acceptance.

Often this card bring an influence which is tough to deal with. It’s a time of loneliness. A time of withdrawal. Often this card represents the father or a father figure.

Looking at this card you can almost feel his grief.  He is in the midst of it and hasn’t let go yet. But how long has he held on? The loyalty is obvious. The Widower signifies all that which is associated with being a “widower”. When you read this card in a layout don’t expect a fast result to your question. Don’t expect someone to leave a relationship just because you are ready to move forward without them. He is still tied to the past memories. He would most likely feel guilty. Duty is important.

From the Counting 7’s method we can see that the Sweetheart she may be the recipient of a gift which brings her joy. There can be some luck involved with money which will increase her financial situation. The female may get news about a father or father figure which can trigger her own emotional heaviness she is holding on to.

Pairing Corners Method:  Now, you would continue reading card 1/36, 2/35, 3/34, 4/33 5/32, 6/31, 7/30, 8/29, 9/28 continuing with the second row 10/27 all the way across to card 18 coupled with card 19.  All the cards have been paired.  2 x 18 = 36.

1/36- Visit/Desire: The female is expecting a visitor(s). She has longed to see this person(s).

2/35- Journey/Money: An opportunity does arrive for some travel with involves some money. Maybe a trip is necessary to pick up some money.  It can also be money spent on travel.

3/34- Thought/Lover: The female is thinking of her significant other. The fact that this pair is joined hints at possible issues. There is definitely something important on her mind.

4/33- Death/Some Money: Looks like a small donation will be given by the female when she hears of some bad news.

5/32- Constancy/Jealousy: This is an interesting pairing. Someone is continuously envious of the female. Constant dissatisfaction.

6/31- Misfortune/Thief: This pair forecasts worries about an incident which could be deemed unlucky.

….and so on.

You would continue reading Pairs until you get to the last card of row 2 which is card 18 and read it with card 1 of row 3 which is card 19. 

After you do the Counting 7’s and Pairing method you can always read all the 36 cards beginning with one of the Significators. I would do this if the person seems unsettled or wanting more information. I have found that many people want to hang around for at least 1 – 2 hours for a Reading especially if they are from out-of-town. Usually, you can wrap up what you have to say in 20-30 minutes with about 15 minutes for questions or clarifications.

Many methods. Many techniques. Be clear and to the point. Make confident statements which are rooted in your knowledge and understanding of the cards. End the Reading on a high note but don’t go on & on & on with philosophical jargon.  

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