Gipsy cards daily draw

Today, I decided to draw 3 cards from the Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten deck also known in Slovenia/Croatia as the Ciganske Karte. I fell in love with this deck back in the early 1970’s when my fortune was told by a local gypsy woman (a relative) while visiting my birth town in Slovenia.  

The deck I am using has 4 languages which is a rare deck because the more common deck sports 6 languages.  I do have the original numbered black/white deck which has been featured in other posts.

Gipsy Cards. Ciganske Karte.

Gipsy Cards. Ciganske Karte.

The 3 cards drawn are SWEETHEART, HOUSE and VISIT.

Looking at this trio of cards situations or events which may occur today would involve the home/family. The SWEETHEART would be my significator card and that means I will be directly involved in the prediction of the cards.

The HOUSE card represents my home.  The VISIT card is an obvious interpretation of someone coming to call on me or someone stopping by to see me. Pretty straightforward reading. There is no complicated system to learn when reading Gipsy cards. As I’ve said before they are the “gossip cards” (trivial chit chat about personal events, however, vital information can be relayed as well).

The VISIT card depicts a young woman visiting a more mature lady. She hold a small bouquet of flowers which is a token of appreciation. In European custom it is common courtesy to bring the hostess of a house a gift not necessarily flowers but something at least.

The two females in the VISIT card seem to be conversing. It looks like the older woman is providing advice.

The SWEETHEART is looking towards the HOUSE card is in the middle of this trio of cards. This mean “family” will be important or “family activities”.

I can give feedback on this reading already because I already know what the cards are predicting.  The plan today is for my daughter to come over and we talked about going Christmas shopping.  How uncanny for the card to reflect this situation.  I have to wonder if I didn’t subconsciously draw these 3 cards because I was thinking about my connection with my daughter later on today.  

Of course, I could be in for a surprise and experience some other events as well and if I do, I will update the findings of these 3 cards. So far, I know of no other connections to occur today which would involve a visit by a person or me visiting someone else.    

For more insights on the Gipsy Cards drop by Borut Belegić ‘s website.

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