The Lenormand Jacks coming for a holiday visit.

Christmas is fast approaching. People are busy  in preparation of the holiday season. Learning and studying Cartomancy methods may be taking the back burner even for the dedicated students. This is understandable. You can study your cards in conjunction with the events during the holidays. Often we are exposed to friends or family members that only cross our paths during this time of the year. This is a perfect opportunity to ask your cards how these types of connections might materialize.

Today’s post will be about the Lenormand Jacks coming for a visit.

JACK OF CLUBS:  Whip/Broom



I have written about this card in detail ——-> HERE.

VISITOR: This friend or relative seems to confront you all the time. There is a fondness of bantering. He would be the type of person who enjoys over turning  the apple cart.

YOU: If this card represents your attitude during the holiday gatherings you have a habit of making people feel guilty for past actions.  You are in an unforgiving state of mind.




More detailed information about the  Heart card —-> HERE.

VISITOR: Everyone loves this type of friend or relative coming for a visit. Their personality is loving and relationships are important to them. He would be the type who demonstrates love.

YOU: If this card represents your attitude you are able to let bygones be bygones. You would have selected the perfect token of appreciation for all those involved in the celebrations.




Additional information about the Scythe card can be found —–> HERE.

VISITOR: When this friend or relative is involved you can expect some abrupt behaviour. Chances are this person may not even show up at the last-minute. Often he will leave the celebrations early if he feels slighted or ignored.

YOU: If this card represents your approach you are in not in the best of moods. You most likely will not have a sense of humour during group activities and could very well walk out without any warnings.




A brief post on the Child card —-> HERE.

VISITOR:  This person is usually very welcome at celebrations. They like to have fun. Their love of games can have everyone laughing.  On the down side he can be a little too foolish especially when other people are engaged in more adult conversations.

YOU:  When this card represents your attitude you will want to be the life of the party.  You will love to play with any children which might be attending the celebrations. Your excitement can be contagious.  Avoid being too silly.


5 thoughts on “The Lenormand Jacks coming for a holiday visit.

  1. Hi, hope all is well. Thanks for this, very unusual. Generally only the Child seems to be read as a person card – do you have a source for these? I’d like to know where it came from. Thanks. 🙂

    • Thanks for your comment. I’m not sure what you are asking me :). The post is about using the playing card insets with the some of the meanings of the Lenormand cards. It is only my perception of combining the two systems. Seaqueen

  2. Thanks – to clarify, I’m trying to find out where it came from? I generally see people using the Kings, Queens, and Jack of Spades (Child) as people cards, but not the other Jacks (Whips, Scythe, Heart). I was just curious where you found this method.

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