Lenormand reveals future husband question.

From lady E:I asked where I have met (or will meet) my future husband and got the following..Ring+Rod+Dog+Garden+Paths+Anchor

I was hoping to see a combination of Garden+Paths it seems to be telling me the same message?

They are both about outdoors and public events. The “future husband” seems to be a friend,

or I met him through a friend. Either way, just curious about Garden+Paths.

Can the straight 6 card draw answer lady E’s question? Let’s investigate the cards. Sounds like lady E has some background in the Lenormand card meanings.  Her main concern is the combination of the Garden/Park and Path cards. Below is a brief interpretation of the Lenormand cards possibilities.

Let’s look at the PATH card first to determine how this card fits into the question. The simple meaning of this card is a choice or pending decision between various directions.  The future husband could have a link with the DOG card who happens to be a darker haired young man (Jack of Clubs).

When you combine the last 3 cards there is a strong suggestion lady E. will be following a sequence of events to her final arrival ….the future husband. The meeting could be enhanced in a public setting (park). Out of that experience there might be an invitation to a work related event (anchor) which can be followed by a connection.

The male will be a friend (dog), great communicator (whip/rod) and someone who is reliable (anchor). The RING card is coupled with WHIP which suggests lady E should continue talking to a friend (dog) she already knows.

One thought on “Lenormand reveals future husband question.

  1. Thank you for your time!! I truly appreciate it, this is helpful. Let me tell you a little background. I’m always chatting online and meeting new people every day (online). It’s also where I met my kids father 7 years ago, but we ended our relationship recently. We are still living together, but right now I just don’t feel there’s any hope left for us.

    I have other male friends online that I have been interacting with for many years. One of them for more than 15 years. We both have kids and he’s still in his long term relationship. So, upon further researching Lenormand cards (I have had these for a while, but never got around to starting to learn. I am a Tarot reader though) I have also found that garden means “internet”. I found that fascinating because that’s how I mostly interact with people :).

    Another reading prior to this one I asked “Who is my future husband?”

    Lady and Dog fell out while shuffling, so I count those in with the rest.
    I guess these two (again the dog, a very loyal “friend” I read sometimes it could even mean partner/boyfriend) suggest that I already know him (great!).

    So in total I have Lady+Dog+Bear+Storks+Birds

    Dog and Bear, I have known him and have been friends with him for many years.
    Storks and Birds I’m always talking to him. Bear + Storks, he has kids, and Birds could also mean a couple as well as messages. I have narrowed it down to two. The one I have known for 15+ years and the father of my children. Hopefully I can further narrow it down soon.

    Thanks again for listening and for your amazing blog!

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