Gipsy & Tarot cards- interpretation tutorial

Hilary’s question from the comments section. “what do I need to know about my work?”  I am going to interpret the cards purely for the purpose of using my interpretation as a learning tool to share.  You may interpret these same cards differently than I do.          >     🙂    <

I am using a b/w Gipsy deck a friend of mine brought me back from Hungary. I don’t know the name of it off hand. I love the German Tarot-Karten deck (Konigsfurt Verlag) because of it’s size. It’s not the standard nor the mini somewhere in between.

The Hungarian & German names on each deck respectfully doesn’t bother me because I know these cards very well. In fact, I can close my eyes & see them perfectly. Now that’s what I call getting to know your deck imagery.

 Meanings of the Gipsy cards  are –> HERE

5 card layout

4 reversed Tarot cards suggest Energy which is blocked as well as the traditional meanings of reversals. The only upright Tarot is the Ace of Pentacle which is positive Energy.

Basis of Question: Ecclesiastic & 9 of Wands reversed.

The question is about work. “what do I need to know about my work?” I don’t know exactly what she means by this comment.

ECCLESIASTIC: Anyone involved in an organized belief system. Faith. A church type building. Spirituality.

The question here is what is H’s belief system about work. Is she optimistic about keeping her current job? Does she believe another job will help out? Or does she think she won’t secure a job? We can believe all we want BUT we need to back up our beliefs with action which sometimes come in signs the Universe sends us.

9 of Wands reversed:  When I read reversals I study the image or I fall back on the traditional meaning. In the image the wand in the person’s hand does not look as stable as when upright.  The Energy is weakened. H might be losing her grip on some aspect of this work question. She has the fortitude to keep going but needs to understand that sometimes change happens & we have to adapt…and move on.

What you know: Letter & Page of Swords reversed.

Information which is recent and already known to H.

LETTER: A message via any mode of communication. News brings change one way or another.

H may have already received some news about work. Information is being revealed. Is it a lead for a new job? Has she decided to change job?

Page of Swords reversed: H needs to look around her to identify who the Page of Swords reversed is because this person is feeding her BS. She is smart and will figure it out. The Energy of the Page is one of “being overly on guard” to the point of resorting to negative tactics. (I had the Page upright in a reading I did today for a client. It ended up being a very annoying relative but the client didn’t clue into this until we started talking about the next couple of cards. Sometimes people are nervous when getting a reading or they blank out)

What you are not seeing: Merriment & Ace of Pentacles upright.

Circumstances H. is not able to identify or envision.

MERRIMENT: Having a good time. Feelings of pleasure from entertainment. Attending a function where there is much joy and laughter.

A wonderful card. It’s so wonderful that sometimes you can have too much of a good thing. Which brings me to the next point. Just how serious is H about her situation involving work? If she were in front of me I would ask her this question.  In this spot the cards reveal what we are not capable of admitting or accepting. The Merriment card reminds me of the song, “don’t worry be happy”.

Ace of Pentacles:  Another grand card.  The recognition of the abundance contained in the seed of the Ace is vital. Yes, H can get a better job. Yes, finances have the potential of increasing. As with all seeds they need to be nourished by doing what it takes to help them grow. The same applies to goals in our lives. 

Advice to follow: Officer & 6 of Cups reversed.

The suggestion of the cards in this matter.

OFFICER: As a person it will be anyone that wears a uniform. News comes from this person that is more formal than personal. If you get involved with this man, he will love you & leave you. A playboy.

In this spot the cards offer some “wise words of wisdom”. I wouldn’t dwell on the advice but I would consider it. This card suggests the return of someone into H’s life which may or may not factor into the work question. Why do I say this? Just a feeling I got when I was studying the 6 of Cups which is a card of the past.  A male with connections can be helpful. Someone she already knows.

6 of Cups reversed: The advice of this card suggests to H that she should actually open herself up to other opportunities. If things are slow and not moving forward in the work arena then maybe it’s time to venture out into different territories. It’s a time for some soul searching. She needs to ask herself some important questions. One thing H should re-evaluate is her work objectives.  Sometimes we can’t just sit back and wait for things to move faster. We need to make it happen.

The result: Widow & Knight of Cups reversed.

The most likely outcome. I’m giving it a 3-6 month frame but you can designate any time frame prior to shuffle if you use this layout.

WIDOW: Grief. A woman in sorrow. A situation that causes pain. A woman without a partner.

Well isn’t this a poopy result for such a question.  I want to read the Widow card to mean that she has to rely on herself. This means H will be successful on her own. Self-employment is an option. She can provide various services in something she’s good at or likes. If H is waiting for a better job she will have to make it better herself. By being resourceful she will do ok. The Widow card has strength.  The widow in the card of this particular deck is a bit more passive but in the other Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten decks she is in much more control.  The widow has a handle on what’s lost.

Knight of Cups reversed: Another poopy card as an outcome. The cup in the knight’s hand is reversed. This means there is no containment.  In the upright position the Knight can be a little carefree waiting for his cup to be filled by others.  He does offer invitations but it’s everyone else who keeps the party going.  When he is reversed the knight is not to be fully trusted. Any invitations or offers coming from him can be shady.

Based on the cards Hilary should not sign any long term EXCLUSIVE contracts or binding agreements whether connected to work or not.  She needs to make sure she is free to take up with other opportunities when they present themselves.

Very interesting combination with the Gipsy & Tarot together.  Are both decks saying the same thing?  There are similarities but also differences.


You can read the Widow as sadness and regret but remember how strong she really is! The Knight of Cups reversed is telling me that perhaps H has dealings with a smooth talker promising her something he can’t deliver.

H will put all this behind her and reap the rewards of Merriment & Ace of Pentacles as these 2 cards are also in her future. She needs to “focus” on the Positive Energy of these 2 cards.

 Sending Hilary self-empowering energy.

One thought on “Gipsy & Tarot cards- interpretation tutorial

  1. Oh Thank You Jozefa. That is a comforting and unbiased spin you put on the cards. With me, I kept reading in so many other factors (son, moving, and all that stuff)! Your wonderfully thought out interpretation makes a lot of sense. I truly appreciate your effort there. You’re right, those were “poopy” results cards weren’t they! That’s what happens when you throw your own cards. 🙂 Thanks again so very much. You are a dear soul.


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