French Cartomancy Lenormand in 9 card layout

I am excited to share the interpretation of the French Cartomancy Lenormand in a 9 card layout with you. The reason for my excitement is that a few members of the Lenormand Cards Community Facebook page offered their insights.

The layout below comes from a request in the comments section from Chris.

can you please help me with a reading i did for a friend…
im new to this and im just learning now..
my friend is friends with this guy and she likes him and her question is is there a romantic future for the two of them??
the 9 card layout was ..
clouds flowers tower
paths,whips book
i think he does like her cause theres the flowers and the ring in the reading but i also think hes hiding something(,book) and there are going to be fighting about something( whips)
Thank you for taking the time

In the image:  

TOP ROW: clouds/king clubs, bouquet (flowers)/queen spades, tower

MIDDLE ROW: gentleman, lady, ring

BOTTOM ROW: path/queen diamonds, whip/jack clubs, book

You can see the Heart/Jack of Hearts as the top card on the remainder of the deck. I flipped this card over as a clarification card & it was not included in Chris’ original request (see above quote)

French Cartomancy Lenormand

Insights from Kali:

The woman is thinking to a separation or maybe she’s spending to much time alone thinking(Woman/Tower) at the conversation with the young man (Jack of Diamond) and the informations (Book) she learnt regarding to her relationship or marriage(Ring).

Insights from Dora:

Man, woman and ring shows a commitment

Insights from Jewels:

tower ring book.. i don’t think this relationship will advance,she needs to know more perhaps?

Insights from Seaqueen:

ok I’ll begin this interpretation. Rows and columns are studied. I’ll start with the 2nd column. FLOWERS+WOMAN+WHIPS= this female (woman/lady) has a pleasant personality but experiencing some internal pain due to the appearance of another woman (FLOWERS/QUEEN SPADES)…plus the involvement of a young man (WHIP/JACK DIAMONDS CLUBS). Jacks are usually males under 35 years of age. I tend to read cards on multi levels if the playing cards are in the images.

Additional insights: The lady in question is facing toward the Ring card. However, this card is topped by the Tower suggesting a break down in a potential future relationship. The Book is the final card in this column as Jewels commented more information needs to be discovered. If you look at the first column, the Gentleman is in a state of confusion (clouds) or at least his thoughts aren’t clear about the Lady. He is followed by the Path card suggesting a decision in a chosen direction. The more I think about it I feel that the Queen of Diamonds is a temptation or competitor for his attention while the Queen of Spades (card above the Lady) describes the Lady’s personality.

We all know the Whip card is an agitating energy leading to verbal fireworks but often this energy is se*ual energy.  

Notice that the open side of the Book faces to the future. The energy of the Whip card will be released. 

I would not rule out a romantic connection (clarification card #24 Heart) between the Gentleman & Lady.  


4 thoughts on “French Cartomancy Lenormand in 9 card layout

  1. Thank you all so much for your comments and help..i will pass on your message to the friend i did the reading for..that there is a possibility of a relationship,but she has to be well…thank you again..i just love these cards..:)

  2. how would you interpret this spread in a simple 9 card layout
    top row :tower /clover/lady
    middle row :park/book/star
    last row :moon/ man /cross
    any input on this one is greatly appreciated and where can i buy your book ,i am based in Australia

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