ending 2011 with Magische Lenormand in Trigger Layout


Part of me wants to end 2011 with a huge send off and part of me wants to welcome 2012 in a different way. I have my European superstitions about New Years Day something my mom used to tell me since I was a little girl. Coming from Eastern Europe (Slovenia) which has a history of gypsies roaming the streets, lol, much of this superstition has been passed down by word of mouth.

Many old traditions have died with my mom & dad much to my sadness. One of my neighbours told me that I am to start new traditions in lieu of their deaths. I happen to like the ‘old way’ which to me is really the ‘new way’. Everything is recycled sooner or later…..

Ok now that I got that out of my heart on to the reason for this post.  I decided to use to Magische Lenormand in the Trigger Layout (so much easier than using 36) as the final post of 2011.

Really, any deck of cards works in this simple 12 card layout.

Lady SD was wondering about a job opportunity which would mean she would have to relocate thousands of miles from where she is now.   I am never quite sure how the Lenormand will answer such questions and I usually pull out my Pages of Shustah deck for these straight forward questions.

To keep this post a little shorter and offer a huge image of this amazing deck (shown to illustrate the Trigger Layout and shown for it’s beauty) I’ll continue the interpretation in the next post.  Hint: black side of clouds facing future….


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