Question from comments: explanation of Zigeuner duos

hello M.Seaqueen,
I would like to know if the meaning for Judge card is the same in combinations with these cards if the position is different?

10 Judge + 13 Marriage= 13 Marriage+10 Judge ?


10 Judge + 13 Marriage – a visit to a professional or legal representative because of matrimony. The Judge in this case is sought after to offer services to assist in matters such as a divorce or legal separation.

13 Marriage+10 Judge – in this case the Judge could still be a lawyer but his services are needed to assist in marriage or a prenuptial agreement.


28 Journey + 34 House= 34 House+28 Journey ?


8 Journey + 34 House – there would be plans to  travel to someone else’s home. Often a change of residence is implied with this combo.

34 House+28 Journey – someone from the home environment is planning to go on a trip.  Often the relocation has already occurred.


20 Priest + 10 Judge= 10 Judge+20 Priest ?


20 Priest + 10 Judge – when these two cards fall together the suggestion is an event like marriage, funeral service or even a meeting with school officials. As a person it can be a doctor, funeral director.

10 Judge+20 Priest – the meaning is pretty much the same when there are 2 people cards combined. The card that follows or precedes these two would be an action card like a verb in a sentence.


I found a little difficult to understand the flow of action with these cards which seems different as Lenormard cards.

——–>So much depends on cards which are before and after the duo you are asking about.  The Lenormand cards do have a little different flow when interpreting them but actually are quite similar. “Each card is simply either a noun, verb, adverb or adjective just like in a sentence.” If you keep this in mind you can Read any cards from any deck.

Thank you for you time to answer my question

I hope my simple explanation sheds some light on your question.

best regards,

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