3 card draw using Phantasmagoric Theater Tarot

In today’s post I will do a simple 3 card draw to gain some insight into a dear friend’s situation.  A yes or no answer would be good as I am thinking of a time frame on behalf of my friend.  I recently acquired the Phantasmagoric Theater Tarot in a trade. The cards are very large sporting some really cool images. Shuffling or rifling this deck could be a challenge. Luckily, I have large hands. For those of you with smaller hands I suggest you fan them out on the table and mix them up that way.  In a nutshell,  this deck is “a stage” and each card is a “play” with “actors” and “props”.  The images appeal to the Piscean actress within me.

The 42 page LWB has some very simple meanings with a description of the images on the cards.

The cards are being used in this tutorial post to demonstrate the 3 card draw. They can be purchased from US Games Systems 179 Ludlow St., Stamford, CT 06902

Flames Tarot Bag by jozefaCreations

Question:  will the property sell by June 2011?

Meanings assigned to the positions of the 3 card draw for this particular question.

Card 1:  Situation surrounding the property for sale

The Seeker

The question marks in the image just about sums up the situation around the property which is for sale. The astrological glyph for Virgo is situated right under the old Hermit represents the 6th House of everyday work and service.  The property definitely is involved in work as it also contains a business.  In the lower right hand corner is one single  jigsaw puzzle piece.  The sale of the property is only one piece of the puzzle of life direction.

This current waiting time is happening for a reason. Other factors are not established yet in the grand scheme of things.  The time is being given as a gift to further contemplate what it took to get this property in the first place and why it is “really” for sale.

Card 2:  The solution

Sergeant Winner

What a cute King of Swords even though he’s trying to look real tough with that sword.  Is the skull suppose to scare you?  There is tiny symbol for the Spade on the King’s right forearm.  Symbolically, spades are linked to work. As a solution card the suggestion for the property owner is to become more aggressive with the promotion of this property.  The card can also indicate hiring a real estate agent who isn’t taking his sweet time attracting potential buyers.  More energy is needed to show this property.

Card 3:  The Answer

The Stage Set

Interesting final card.  In the image a figure sits at the table holding his head which is the World.  On the table are the 4 elements of the Minor Arcana. Plant- Earth. Filled Glass- Water. Candle- Fire. Cloud- Air.  He has everything before him that he needs to nurture the outcome/result.

From the LWB “fulfillment of desires, success, worthy deeds, favourable outcome”.

The Sun is smiling in the lower right hand corner of the card.

This Card points an almost certain YES the property will sell by June 2011.

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