Relationship Question using Shustah© deck

Question from male querent.

Will my relationship work out ?

Blue 5. Diamond

The foundation of the question.

The basis of this relationship is solid as a diamond. It definitely has potential to shine with regular polishing.

Perhaps the male querent should show his love by buying an actual diamond ring.   🙂

Blue 8. Celestial Bees

The situation or challenge of the question.

This relationship will require maintenance. I would suggest the couple incorporate activities involving clubs, social organizations and outings.  It is best to keep busy as a bee and work at it being sweet instead of focusing on the sting of negativity.

Blue 9. Big Wish

The result or probable outcome.

One of the best cards in the deck indicates emotional fulfillment.  This card gives a resonating yes to the question.

2 thoughts on “Relationship Question using Shustah© deck

    • Hi Helen:
      The 3 card draw was done by shuffling the deck and fanning it face down on the table. As I talked to the client on the phone I randomly selected 3 cards. I was pleased for him with the draw.
      I do the Celtic cross as well. The horoscope wheel is very information but takes several hours to complete because there are 3 cards in each house. I do this method for clients by email.

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