question for the Tarot of the New Vision

Every once in a while I like to use the Tarot of the New Vision to get a slightly different perspective of the traditional Tarot imagery.  This deck is manufactured by Lo Scarabeo and can be seen in it’s entirety at the fantastic TAROTECA website.

Question: a very concerned male X client wants to know the outcome of a legal situation which came up quite unexpectedly. It involves a female he was involved with over a year ago. This female has decided and is attempting to extract a fair sized lump sum of money from this male. His question was whether or not he would win his case.

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Card 1: reading as the recent past the 10 of swords says it all.  Male X felt stabbed in the back by the female from his past which can be seen in the background of the card’s image.  He does feel like he doesn’t have a chance because the female has retained a hot shot lawyer.

Card 2: reading as the current situation the Queen of Pentacles has her back towards us.  I want to read this as the male X’s  lawyer who by the way is a female.  I get the feeling this female lawyer may not try as hard on the behalf of  male X.  Even though this card is generally positive in nature I am reading the images more than the actual traditional associations given to the Tarot cards.  This is the main reason I selected this deck for the purpose of this Reading.

Card 3: reading as the probable outcome as things stand the 7 of swords could be a card a victory.  Why not?  The man in the image of the card is getting away with 5 of the swords.  This could be male X getting away with paying the lump sum of money.  Typically you would read this card as the other person making off with something, like a job/lover/money, etc.

Summary: After further study of the last two cards I notice the Queen of pentacles looking more at the pentacle in her lap than at the man in the last card looking over his shoulder glancing at the two swords left in the ground. Or is he looking at her pentacle as well.   🙂

After some more thought I think the centre card represents male X and his attitude towards the money asked for.  He is grasping onto the pentacle and doesn’t want to let go.

Male X may get out of paying a lump sum but something will be paid – probably a portion & definitely  his  lawyer’s fees.

Will he win?  Not completely.

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