Card of the Day. Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten. Sadness

I am selecting the Card of the Day for tomorrow.  I am aware of certain events planned for the day which don’t involve me directly. One of them is a funeral for a young man who died in a car accident.  No doubt the people who I do know who are attending will be feeling the emotion of sadness.


SADNESS can could color the general tone of the day.  Everyone has days in which they experience lower energy.  When you focus on situations which are not completely positive they can drain you and the blues set in temporarily.  As long as this feeling is brief there is no problem.

This is a card suggesting the lack of emotional balance.  A situation can come up where plans do not materialize due to external influences such as the needs of other people.  Happiness is a state of mind and so is SADNESS.

In the image the lady is hiding her body in a full flowing dress.  Is she ashamed of something she did?  Is she concealing the truth about a person or situation?  Every once in a while when you get to that quiet place in your mind you come to the realization that you are only deceiving yourself by believing everything is ok in your life.

Often this card strongly suggests you will be disappointed at the outcome of some plans. Whatever it is that you were really looking forward to may have to be postponed.  You may have to cheer yourself up because everyone else around you is experiencing an “off day”.

The SADNESS card depicts a partly blue sky which holds promise of improved weather involving the emotions.

One thought on “Card of the Day. Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten. Sadness

  1. Personally, I think the card we pull from the deck every day describes us and our feeling on that day. Of course, it also indicates the events of that day.

    In this case, I would say something like this: Today I will recall the events that have occurred to me some time ago and they are very alive even today, even if I should resigned from them a long time ago. The card suggests that this could be a very clear sign to move away from memories and fast foward into the future. If I could only lift my head and look into the future. The future will be lived and the past will be a great place to learn from.

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