Shustah trio reading follow up

Follow Up from an earlier Shustah Trio Provides Possible Answer:   THE POST

Yes, a loved one was released over the weekend.  Everything turned out great and there were no complications.  The SPINNING TOP did bring a surprise.  The person was given an extended day to visit with friends and family.

I did mention in the post (link above) about the first and last card being about speed.  In hindsight, this speed was the amazing recovery of the loved one during the visit home from the hospital.

The spiritual gain which is attributed to the yellow cards was the need for spiritual nourishment away from the hospital setting.  The Death card ended up being the termination of the “patient mind set”.  Sometimes people feel a lot more sick in a hospital.

What I learned from the hindsight analysis was that there were several levels going on at the same time.  Interesting.   🙂

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