Regina’s Card system

Back in the latter part of the 1970’s I came across Regina Russell’s “Card Reader’s Handbook”, Franklin Enterprises, MA, 1976. at a local budding New age bookstore. At that time I started to incorporate her method into my readings using a standard playing deck. Over the years and through trial & error, new combinations arose which I scribbled into the book. Also the hand me down meanings which originated in Eastern Europe which essentially are the Sibilla style oracle cards are factored into my summary of each card in the deck.

When I read, I do the standard playing cards first. This enables me to tune into the nut & bolts of the person’s current and pending situation. My intuition may kick in before the reading commences, it depends on the heaviness of the energy surrounding the person. I really never know.

Then I proceed to the Tarot or whatever deck I use. By this point I have already established a reliable foundation from the playing cards. I nearly always have 3-4 decks with me. Sometimes I would ask the person to select a deck from the table.

I always request the person select their own Significator card.
If it is a female, I pull all the Queens from the Tarot and ask her to choose her own card.
This tells me a lot. Is she focused on a relationship (Queen cups), work or money (Queen pentacles), coming from a serious or lonely center (Queen swords) or is wound up with nowhere to spin (Queen of wands)

I am deeply fond of Regina’s system and because of the outstanding accuracies of her book meanings I do a weekly reading for myself. I have some amazing stories about the “hits” with her system. A few months ago I saw the 8 and 9 of spades in my layout with no court cards – I knew immediately news of an operation was coming but I did not know who. I’ve had that spade duo many times over the years.

As it turned out it was my aunt. Quite out of the blue. Heart attack, required triple by pass. When I reviewed the layout after I got word of the operation, the 9 of hearts 9-2-07.jpgwas beside the 9 and 8 of spades. The 2 9’s also intensifies the meaning & gives explanation to the “out of the blue” surprise heart attack.

Interestingly, today I see the same spade duo and once again no court cards. This time the 5 of spades is involved. The 5’s would suggest one of the limbs of the body. According to Regina’s method, this card means the leg area.

I highly recommend Regina Russell’s “Card Reader’s Handbook”. You can buy it directly from her website and she offers the CD as well. The cost is reasonable and well worth it.

9 thoughts on “Regina’s Card system

  1. Dear Madam

    I’m a (Belgian) astrologer and I recently (yesterday!)made my own horary cards! (Based on astrological symbols). I’m familiar with horary and natal charts and it is stunning to see the wisdom in the(se) cards.

    Yours sincerely
    Kris Derboven

  2. ms. seaqueen,

    greetings. i am assunming you are a female! if not, please excuse the ms. i am grateful for and love your website!!! i am looking to go deeper with my card reading skills and i am officially searching for a new teacher. i have been a student and reader of THE MaGI system on a daily basis for 6 years now and i would like to go be able to go deeper with my readings via a new modality of interpretation. i was wondering if you could reccommend a new system for me that would allow me to integrate what knowledge i have now into it. i am also looking for a reading….

    best & soon,

    jennie v

  3. Thank you Jennie V for your comment and kind words.

    The Magi system you are speaking of sounds to me like Richmond Olney’s system which was introduced by Robert Camp and Thomas Morrell in an easy to understand format. Is this correct?

    Are you a fan of standard playing cards or do you have an interest in oracle systems? Let me know which and then I can further direct you to some systems available. There are hundreds of different systems which involve various decks. The Lenormand cards would be easy to learn. There are many tutorial posts on this blog about these cards and I have written brief meanings for all the cards, here —–>

    You can send me a maximum of a 5 card layout and a question (if you wish). I will present my interpretation as a post so that others can learn from the process as well.

    Madame Seaqueen

    • Hello Kali: My understanding of Regina’s system is that you would use one of the Court Cards to represent the consultant. Each court is described in the handbook, hair colouring etc. This should be pre-determined prior to shuffle. What I did was place all the Queens in front the client (if she was had children) and get her to select one which resonated with her. I would make a note of it, place it back into the deck and shuffle. If the female was without children I would use a Jack for selecting. Should it be a male getting the Reading I would remove all the Kings and ask him to select one. Same procedure as for the Queens.
      When a client selects a certain suit from the Jack, Queen and King courts this tells me a little about their state of mind at the time of the Readings. I’ve had success with this technique and have had very accurate Readings overall. It does take some study with some of the cards as they mean half a dozen or so meanings. A lot of her combination meanings are common sense if you stop to think about it. Hope this helps. Madame Seaqueen

  4. Have had Regina’s book for a number of years, but as usual, have not taken the time to work with it. Another winter project!!! Thanks for sharing this info. BB

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