Astro House Associations of the Mystical Lenormand -houses 4,5,6

I will continue with an explanation for the next 3 Houses in the Astrological wheel layout using Mystical Lenormand.

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House 4- House 4 House 5- Child 13 House 6- Anchor 35

House 4 represents family matters and the prominent parent, either the mother or father. Traditionally it is the mother because the Moon rules Cancer. It it your home, the place where you live- a farm, in the city, in a trailer, in a condo, house or castle. Real estate. 4th house depicts the “end of a matter or situation as well”.

The HOUSE #4 card, illustrated above shows a friendly looking house with a peacock on the lawn. There is a vase on the lower left side of the card. A vase holds things as does the house- it holds the family. There are 3 paths leading to the house. This gives the feeling of being welcome from any direction. The landscape is in full bloom. The peacock will hint at pride or showing off – comparable to the Art Deco Pride

The meanings of the house card are not that much different. In other Lenormand decks, the King of Cups is situated in the background suggesting the father or other male member – who is the head of the family. Seeing the House card in a reading brings a warm and safe feeling. Cards surrounding it will indicate the state of circumstances around the place you call your home. You can have a beautiful house esthetically but is it homey.

When this card shows up elsewhere in a layout it will bring with it the connections of the 4th house to some degree.

House 5 represents the creative energy. Hobbies, children, love, sports, games of chance-entertainment, art and luck. If you have a natal chart with Jupiter situated in house 5, your will have much happiness through your children, have above average creativity and a passion for sports or gambling. I think seduction fits in here as well.

The CHILD #13 is associated with matters of House 5. The obvious would be the representation of child or children. In the image, the little girl is playing on her swing. Sometimes when you get involved in your hobbies you do play in the arena of your imagination. There is an elf sitting on the ledge on the lower right hand of the card eating a strawberry. The strawberry is a symbolism of sensuality in the purest sense. Notice the little girls shoes at how curled up they are. The Fool in many of the Tarot decks has similar footwear & a little dog.

The Mystical Lenormand Child card reminds me of the 6 of cups in the Tarot and it’s connections to the past- of younger years, memories of the childhood. The Astrological sign associated with 5th house is Leo. Leo’s love to play like little children and are filled with a dramatic flair.

The suggested meanings of the Child card are all things that are in a state of development. Usually it is a fun energy. When you create a project or start a new job you are experiencing this card. The formative stage with further development depicted by adjoining cards. There is an unspoken magic within the Child card, the little girl and elf know something that you do not- it’s a secret. Not knowing where a fresh idea will take you, is the secret shared by these two.

House 6 represent work, well being (minor health situations) as well as small pets thus charity. The Virgo sign is one of exacting detail having a need for stable routine. Many people in the fields or work associated to medicine (nurses, doctors, pharmacists, drug store managers etc) will have a strong Virgo aspect.

The ANCHOR #35 is linked to house 6. In the image the anchor leans on a solid rock. The chain is not tied to anything and lies on the sand. (ground -earth). Virgo is an earth sign- practicality. If the wind where to come along the anchor would stay on the ground but the chain may rattle somewhat. This shows the adaptability of house 6, it is not fixed or rigid and neither are Virgos.

One of the suggested meanings of the pelican is charity. This card is loaded with visual clues to some of the meanings of it. In the broadest sense, when you work at your job you give away your personal free time in exchange for a paycheck. Some people are luckier than others- they love their jobs and there is really no sacrifice. In Christian symbolism the pelican was suppose to wound itself to feed it’s young. You’ve heard the expression, “my job sucks the blood right out of me”.

The meanings of the Anchor card are associated to work. You can see the link to the 6th house. It is a card that will provide security, rooting and stability. In the secondary more negative meanings, you can stick to something or someone for too long and eventually it will affect your health. Sometimes the Anchor will point to a health problem when it falls with other cards depicting well being issues. It can represent a spot or growth- but health analysis is not recommended in readings for people that you do not know well.

The Anchor card provides positive stabilizing energy to adjoining cards. One should remember though it can also be a small obstacle like the Mountain #21 card- many rocks as shown in card #35 will make the mountain.

Like I said before in other posts, you will find your own style of reading cards and at your own pace. The Lenormand cards all have traditional associations. Study the beautiful symbolism within the Mystical Lenormand – your own perception is important. For example, the elf or pelican might mean something entirely different to you.

Next House 7,8,9- heart 24, coffin 8, ship 3

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