Gift & Sorrows

Before I begin this post for the 5th time, as the Macbook keeps logging off- by itself, the call to Applecare will be the next step…

ziggydeck.jpgCiganske Karte- (Gatalacke Karte)

I don’t have the name of the manufacturer of this deck, it wouldn’t surprise me if the deck came from Austria- it is one of the older decks from the mid 1970’s, it is not in color and each card is numbered. I find this a lot more handy. My deck was sent to me from Slovenia(I mentioned this in another post). The background of the cards are pale blue and the images shades of black.

The four languages are different from the four languages on another more recent colored deck I have. I’ll go and compare and add the languages later. I know Croatian/Greek?maybe Macedonian, Italian/Hungarian are highly likely.

#6- gift and #5- sorrow

Different ways to interpret these two cards.

Looking at these two cards one gets the sense that the lady is distraught over some gift, whether she has received it is not clear, looks like she is waiting for it’s arrival. She is looking in the direction right at the gift card, looking to the left is the past and she could have received it already. Now these two point sound contradictory but they aren’t because the surrounding cards are missing.

The jewelry box is almost closed -maybe she is waiting for a ring from her lover.

She could be pregnant because her dress is a tad too full concealing her body.

Maybe she is upset about an anticipated inheritance….looks like she is living in a mansion with property around it.

Perhaps she is betrothed to someone and unhappy about it, an arranged engagement/marriage.

With all the wonderful materialistic symbols on the table in card 6 -and the forlorn look on the woman’s face in card 5- she is yearning more, I can feel her heart aching-something is missing in her life.

What insights do you get?

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