Death- #19 card Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten

ziggydeath.jpgSmrt, CMpT, halal, moarte (Death)

Death (smrt) is about cycles, renewals and out with the old-in with the new mentality.

Most card readers don’t take this card to mean a physical death unless there are companion cards that point to it. Predicting death is like predicting birth- the only difference is a birth can be monitored and an approximation of arrival (40 week term) is common knowledge.

The death process also goes through a “term” but there are more variables and external factors that contribute to a person’s death. When your number is up- you are next to go, isn’t that what a lot of people believe? You can’t stop death, but you can stop birth.

Expect a profound transformation in your life when you see #19.

Close to meaning of Key 13 of Tarot.

When near the card indicating illness #21 (bolest) a forewarning

When near the card representing widow #8 (udova)or widower #4 (udovac)- an older person passes away especially if misfortune #17 (nesreca) is close by.

I think this deck is more challenging to master than the Lenormand types of cards. Up to date I have not been able to find out who the artist and creator are….a sort of Gypsy mystery.

2 thoughts on “Death- #19 card Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten

  1. recently I have learnt that Death card can be used to determinate the time events in a spread and most often when it’s close to a person card can foretell about the re-turn of a person from the past.

    • Hi: Yes, some Cartomancers use the Zigeuner Death card to gauge time since it is a card of cycles. Depending on the cards’ theme or category it can indicate “something brought back to life” like a reunion of a past connection. As far as exact timing look for confirmation from other cards as well.The Zigeuner deck (in my opinion) holds the true mystical gypsy spirit and that is why I am so very fond of the cards. Did you have an example of “timing events” from a Reading your did? Seaqueen.

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