Is there trouble in your relationship?

I was looking at this Lenormand duo and thought I’d write a post about the cards.  Many times I just pick up one or two cards and meditate on them to see if I get a different level to the cards.  It’s important to clear your mind of all the meanings you have learned.  A task which is not so easy when you look at the combination illustrated in the above image.

Let’s suppose you are thinking about a relationship which you are involved in and wonder if the other person is true to you.

The cards surrounding the HEART card in a layout will give you clues as to the nature of your romantic life.  Depending which deck you are using the Jack of Hearts has a long time traditional association with matters connected to the heart.  Love.  Let’s analyze these cards from a female perspective. If you are not a female which fits the hair coloring description of the Queen/Dame of Clubs you could be seeing your competition.  If you do have darker hair it will still be the other woman because you are represented by the LADY card in the reading.

As you know the SNAKE card is linked to treachery usually on an emotional level.   Many Readers of the Lenormand cards see the SNAKE to represent high intelligence and wisdom.

In the duo I selected the snake in the image is going for the heart.  In other words the influence is mighty strong and the temptation very real.  Quite possibly something has already occurred involving another woman. Maybe there is a physical attraction which could turn into an affair or a night of experimentation.

Your love department  is jeopardized.

No your significant other is not true to you when based on these two cards. I’m not saying something is going on (yet) but the thoughts are there.  If you think of doing it you might as well.  The thoughts are not true.  In a way that is deception even if nothing physical has happened. There is a serious situation which could interfere with your relationship.  In such cases it’s best not to hang on too tightly or be suspicious because it’ll just rip you apart.  Let it go if you can.  These types of situations have a way of playing out.

A profound temptation is lurking around the person you care about.  Many times we neglect our partners or give them mixed messages that we are no longer as interested in them. Other people cross their paths and give them what you are withholding even if it is unintentional.


HEART and SNAKE can be a couple in a relationship.  It could represent you and the person you are asking about.  Jack of Hearts is more romantically involved than the Queen of Clubs. She would have more control of her emotions and could be the aggressor in this relationship. All he wants is a commitment from her but she cannot or does not want to give it to him.  He puts her on a pedestal and would do anything for her.  She pulls at his heart strings and usually gets her way even if he resists at first. She can outsmart him. For him, romance with her is uncertain.  He becomes insecure and unsure of what to do. He could pull back or he could look elsewhere but she has a close eye on him (snake in position to attack the heart in image).


Try to reassure the one you love.  A few kind words. A telephone call telling them you really do appreciate them. Plan a surprise to reactivate some of those love flames which glowed between the two of you. Maybe it’s not too late.

One thought on “Is there trouble in your relationship?

  1. hello,
    Thank you for this explanation,it helps me a lot to understand the meanings and actions of cards.Still I have some questions:
    1.If the querent is a male,how we can determinate that there is another man threatening the relationship with the loved one?
    2.if the 1st card is SNAKE and than the HEART,the meaning is the same?
    thank you very much for answer and I send lots of prays for your father to recover his health

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