Trigger Layout

Published on the SCRIBD website.

    Seaqueen’s Simple Trigger LAYOUT

  • remove the card representing “you” from the deck and set aside.
  • shuffle your deck in the usual manner that is most comfortable for you.  It does not matter which deck you use.
  •  insert  the first row containing cards 1-4.  Place card 5 beneath #1 and add “your” card, continue laying the cards.

Past – Cards 1,5,8 – describes the recent past-the last few days or the recent circumstance around your question.

Now-Cards 2, YOU (#29), 9 -describes the now-what is going on with you – your thoughts and feelings.

Immediate- Cards 3,6,10 – describes the immediate future, a day or so. These cards will tell you what to anticipate.[you can change the time frame prior to the shuffle, for example you can designate this spot to mean within 2 weeks

Soon- Cards 4,7,11 – describes soon, less than a week. It’ll give you an answer to your question. [you can change this spot to mean within 1+ month but it is important to keep that in mind before selecting the cards for the layout]


This row is the essence of the reading, the rest of the cards will describe or explain to you what surrounds them. When you read these cards you will get a good glimpse at the entire layout.  The remaining cards are the details surrounding the TRIGGER cards.

Collectively: even though cards 6 & 7 lie in the future, they are the “now” of the future.  Cards 1, 2, 3, 4 are the past cards leading to the TRIGGER cards.  Cards 8, 9, 10, 11 are the “future” or “as the result of the TRIGGER cards.  It is important to remember this when doing this layout.


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Madame Seaqueen © 2008